Ordinance Number 182309
October 31, 2012

CAPS is also behind the Los Angeles ordinance banning the sale of pet shop puppies, kittens and rabbits that passed in November 2012. In January and February of 2011, CAPS provided the Los Angeles City Council with the results of its two-year investigation into L.A.’s retail pet stores and the California and Midwest commercial breeding factories that supply them. The undercover investigation included video and photographic evidence of puppy mill operators who routinely violated the Animal Welfare Act, as well as state laws to protect animals. CAPS uncovered evidence that L.A.’s pet retailers are currently in business with commercial breeders (puppy mills) who are neglecting and abusing animals, repeatedly violating USDA minimum standards of care. CAPS also discovered that L.A.’s pet stores are fraudulently selling sick and dying animals that come from substandard commercial breeding facilities and misleading consumers.

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