Breeder: Leah Graber
Address: 10631 E 200 N
City, State, Zip: Loogootee, IN 47553
USDA License: none

Date and time of CAPS Investigation: 4/15/24; 1539

Weather at time of investigation: 86°F and sunny

Approximate number of dogs and puppies observed at time of investigation: eight dogs

Breeds: Standard Poodles, dogs that resembled Bagle Hounds (Bassett Hound/Beagle mixes), Labrador Retriever

The kennel was a building at the south end of the property with sixteen elevated indoor/outdoor cages on one side. The outdoor portions were each about six feet long, four feet wide, and four feet tall. The walls were made of thick-gauge, galvanized wire attached to wooden frames; a metal roof covered the cages’ tops. The ground below the cages was covered in straw. Metal doggie doors allowed access to indoor portions of the enclosures, which were in a metal barn. I saw a single dog in each of eight cages. In addition, a Standard Poodle was loose on the property.

It is very likely that Graber, who is unlicensed, has at least five breeding females. She is violating federal regulations by not having a USDA license in order to sell to pet shops.

2.1(a)(3) of the Animal Welfare Act regulations requires that a person who has at least five breeding female dogs or cats and makes at least $500 in gross income a year from the sale of these animals must have a USDA license. This regulation applies to breeders selling to brokers, pet shops and online customers

There was no play yard or enrichment area for the dogs evident anywhere on the property.

The breeder is connected to the following store:

Puppygram Metro Detroit, Berkley, MI (CVI 2023)

I investigated Puppygram Metro Detroit on 3/19/23. An employee at the store claimed the owner visits the store’s breeders every 10 days but dodged questions about the specifics of breeders. He did, however, say that the store does not use puppy mills and that all of the store’s breeders are AKC-registered. Leah Graber’s facility, though, is the quintessential puppy mill, with dogs kept in raised wire cages that allow them only enough space to move a few steps back and forth.

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