Breeder: Cindy Lancaster
Address: 14285 NS 362
City, State, Zip: Sasakwa, OK 74867
USDA License: none found
Oklahoma License: unknown

Date and time of CAPS investigation: 11/19/20, 1416

Weather at time of investigation: 71°F and sunny

Breeds: French Bulldogs, Boston Terriers

Approximate number of dogs and puppies observed at time of investigation: 10 dogs, 2 puppies

The kennel area was located west of the residence on the property. I saw dogs in two parts of the kennel, one being a building with elevated indoor/outdoor cages, and the other being a row of indoor/outdoor dog runs attached to a building. The first structure had doggie-doors connecting it’s indoor/outdoor portions, with about seven cages on the east and west sides of the building. Cages were about 1.5 feet wide and tall, and about two feet long. They appeared to have thick-gauge wire on their floorings, with thin untreated wire walls that were covered in rust (3.1 Housing facilities, general (c) Surfaces (1) General requirements). In the southernmost cage on the building’s west side, I saw a doggie-bed on the flooring, a grown Boston Terrier and two Boston Terrier puppies.

To the west of the building was the other kennel structure, with about six indoor/outdoor runs on its east side in which I could see dogs. The runs were connected by doggie-doors in a metal building. Each outdoor run was about three feet wide and eight feet long, with galvanized wire walls and concrete floorings. I saw two French Bulldogs in each of the two southernmost pens. There were several dogs in other pens, but I couldn’t see how many there were exactly. Two days of manure was piled up on the floorings of the two southernmost pens, with feces stains covering the concrete. Metal bars near the floorings used as frames for the walls were rusting. There were  feces piles in numerous places between the bottoms of the bars and the concrete (3.1 Housing facilities, general (3) Cleaning); (3.1 Housing facilities, general (c) Surfaces (1) General requirements).

While observing the kennel I saw a woman (Caucasian female, about 45 years old, 5’8”, 140 lbs., with long dark hair). She sprayed water under the Boston Terrier cage, and then used a metal scraper under it and in the outdoor French Bulldog pens. As she did so, dogs jumped at their cages and barked at her, and jumped on her as she entered their pens. However, at no point did she look at them, talk to them, or interact with them in any observable way. This contradicts the breeder’s claim on about her puppies when she says, “They are well socialized.”

This breeder is an internet seller. She sells on under the name Cindy Lancaster at Based on the number of puppies on the website, it is clear I did not see all Boston Terriers on the property, and that I did not see Jack Russell dogs the breeder appears to have. The breeder notes “shipping is available” on, meaning she is selling sight unseen.

The Animal Welfare Act sets general standards for humane care and treatment of animals who are sold sight unseen (internet sales). Breeders – those with at least five breeding females – who are selling online must have a federal license (2.1 (a) Requirements and application).

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