Breeder: Kauffman, Everett
Address: 1895 110th St
City, State Zip: Kalona, IA 52247
Year: 2006
USDA License: 42-A-0908
Date of CAPS Investigation: 2006-07-26
On the premises at the time of investigation: approximately 34 dogs and 18 puppies.

Breeds: Papillons, Yorkshire Terriers

The kennel
This kennel was a barn with a row of six indoor/outdoor enclosures along each of the building’s longer sides. These enclosures, elevated over concrete slabs, were made entirely of treated wire. The back plastic wall had dog doors that led to an indoor cage. Each enclosure housed two adult dogs.

The enclosure walls and dog doors had a dirty build-up on their surfaces (3.1(c)(2)-Surfaces).

Wooden beams that framed the bottoms of the cages and supported them above the ground appeared to be warping and rotting from not being properly preserved (3.1(c)(1)-Surfaces).

The indoor cages had plastic walls and treated-wire doors and floorings. Two rows of whelping cages, with six cages per row, were positioned above the indoor cages. These cages had rubber mats with holes punched in them for their floorings.

With the exception of a few empty cages, the whelping cages each housed a mother and several nursing puppies. Plastic sheeting was installed below the cages to catch debris and excreta. Plastic feeders and water spigots served each cage.

Twice during the visit, Mr. Kauffman grabbed a dog from an indoor cage by its head. This handling obviously inflicted pain on the dogs, who squirmed and kicked until he held them in a normal manner (3.92(b)-Handling).

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