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CAPS is the only national non-profit organization dedicated exclusively to protecting companion animals from abuse in puppy mills and pet shops.


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The Problem:
Puppy mills overbreed,
leading to high rates
of euthanasia.

Act. Forward. Post to Protect MA Shelters and Rescues.

Monday, 09 May 2011 20:00
Forwarded from CPRPets:

Act. Forward. Post to Protect MA Shelters and Rescues.
What’s wrong with this picture?
In Massachusetts, people who breed and sell dogs and cats for profit are not regulated.

If House Bill 1445 passes, only nonprofit organizations that rescue abused and unwanted animals will be. House Bill 1445--sponsored by dog breeders— would subject nonprofit animal shelters and rescue groups to increased regulation by the Dept. of Agriculture.

Incredibly, breeders remain unregulated in Massachusetts.

When animals are kept for profit, there is all the more reason for oversight to protect them from unsafe, unsanitary and inhumane conditions and practices. Fact is, dogs and cats no longer useful for breeding or exhibition are among those left homeless. Some suffer the horrible consequences of neglect, because they were considered nothing more than money-makers. Shelters and rescue groups absorb significant expense to heal and rehome these animals.
Yet House Bill 1445 would regulate only shelters and rescue groups. Making it more difficult for them to operate, while leaving breeders unscrutinized, may be good for the breeders' bottom line--every animal adopted is one less sold. But it’s bad for dogs and cats, as well as people who choose to rescue rather than purchase them.

This prejudicial legislation must be amended to include regulation of dog and cat breeders or defeated.

House Bill 1445 is unfair and unbalanced. It discriminates against the nonprofit organizations that rescue, heal, shelter and find homes for unwanted and abused animals.

Act Now to Protect the Protectors of Dogs and Cats!

· Find your State (Beacon Hill) Rep: OR 1-800-392-6090.
· Call, fax or visit during business hours. Emails are not as effective.
· If you get voicemail, leave a brief message: “I urge the Representative to defeat House Bill 1445.  I’m NAME, and I live at ADDRESS.”
· Then call again until you can speak with an aide.
· If you email, put this in the subject line: Constituent Opposes H1445.
· Encourage other animal lovers to contact their State Reps too! Breeders have mobilized to pass this self-serving legislation. Without every caring voice, they will win—and animals, as well as their rescuers, will lose.

· “I urge you (the Representative) to defeat House Bill 1445, which would increase the Dept. of Agriculture's regulation of animal shelters, but leave dog and cat breeders unregulated.  I’m a constituent, and this legislation is unacceptable to me. I’ll be following it.”
· Add, in your words: This bill creates an unfair double standard that regulates nonprofit shelters and rescue groups, whose sole mission is animal welfare, while breeders who profit from dogs and cats remain without oversight. It must be amended to include regulation of breeders or defeated.

Testify at the Public Hearing
Wednesday, May 11, 1 to 5 p.m.
Statehouse, Room A-1


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Beatrice is one
of the lucky ones.

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Beatrice is one
of the lucky ones.

Read Her Story


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