Taken from the Iowa Voters for Companion Animals website:

National Puppy Mill Awareness Day video from Iowa Voters for Companion Animals website.

A bill has been introduced which will amend Iowa Code 717A, Offenses Related to Agricultural Production. Iowa Code 717A provides protections against disruption of operations or willful destruction of property or animals at an animal facility or crop operation.

The new bill, HF 431, introduced by Rep. Annette Sweeney, amends 717A to outlaw producing, possessing or distributing undercover video and/or audio recordings of activities within an animal facility. You’ll recall that Rep. Sweeney was one of the most vocal opponents to HF 2280, the Puppy Mill Bill.

Here’s a sample of the kind of video that could forever be hidden from public view: Leroy and Gertrude Kruse puppy mill in Salem, Iowa. (This mill is still in operation even after multiple citations for violations to the Animal Welfare Act.)

We ask that you contact your State (not Federal) Representative and respectfully request that they OPPOSE HF 431.

Visit the Iowa Legislature website to find your Representative’s contact information.

This bill could move through the Capitol very quickly. Please send a message to your Representative today.

Stand With Us.

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