Iowa Legislature Passes Iowa Ag Gag Bill – Senate Amendment 5004


The Iowa legislature passed bills making it illegal to obtain access to or obtain employment with an agricultural facility using false pretenses. Puppy mill dogs don’t appear to fall under the definition of Ag animals in Iowa; however, this law also pertains to crop facilities. Therefore, if puppy mills are located on farms that grow crops, does this mean that our investigators would be guilty of a serious misdemeanor if they make up a story to get onto the property to videotape puppy mill dogs?

The passing of the Iowa Ag Gag bill is an outrage to our First Amendment rights and will keep the animals suffering in silence without our help. CAPS has done a lot of investigating in Iowa; this may no longer be the case.

The new statute refers to Subsection 4, paragraph a OR a crop operation property.

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4. “Animal facility” means any of the following:
a. A location where an agricultural animal is maintained for
agricultural production purposes, including but not limited to a
location dedicated to farming as defined in section 9H.1, a livestock market, exhibition, or a vehicle used to transport the animal.

CAPS interpretation is that dogs do not fall under definition of a Ag animal unless argument could be successfully made that their offspring are products having commercial value.

1. “Agricultural animal” means any of the following:
a. An animal that is maintained for its parts or products
having commercial value, including but not limited to its muscle
tissue, organs, fat, blood, manure, bones, milk, wool, hide, pelt,
feathers, eggs, semen, embryos, or honey.
b. An animal belonging to the equine species, including
horse, pony, mule, jenny, donkey, or hinny.
2. “Agricultural production” means any activity related to maintaining an agricultural animal at an animal facility or a crop on crop operation property.
3. “Animal” means a warm-blooded or cold-blooded animal,
including but not limited to an animal belonging to the bovine,
canine, feline, equine, ovine, or porcine species; farm deer as
defined in section 189A.2; ostriches, rheas, or emus; an animal which belongs to a species of poultry or fish; mink or other pelt-bearing
mammals; any invertebrate; or honey bees.

If the puppy miller is also growing crops, would the CAPS investigator be held liable for using false pretenses to gain access if they are intending to gain access to the non crop section of the facility?

Take Action:

Urge Governor Branstad to veto SF 431/HF 589, a bill designed to shield animal abusers from public scrutiny and prosecute brave whistleblowers who dare to speak out against cruelty to animals, corporate corruption, dangerous working conditions, environmental violations, and food safety concerns.

Call (515) 281-5211 and politely ask for Governor Branstad’s VETO of HF 589

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Twitter: TerryBranstad


If you are an Iowa resident, please use this form to urge Governor Branstad to veto SF 431/HF 589

Senate Amendment 5004

For more information, please visit the Mercy for Animals website

CAPS puppy mill and breeder investigations in Iowa:

Steve Kruse: Stonehenge Kennel

Leroy and Gertrude Kruse

Dennis and Donna Van Wyk: Prairie Lane Kennel

Craig Fedler: Feddler Kennels

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