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Owners Business State Year Media
Graber, Vera and Abe Indiana 2007
Gray, Jeffrey R. and Judy K. Missouri 2013
Gray, Judy and Jeffrey Missouri 2015 Video: Yes
Green, Leah and Floy Missouri 2012 Video: Yes
Grell , Dean and Karen Grell's KD Kennel Iowa 2004 Video: Yes
Halpain, Robert and Starmye Oklahoma 2015 Video: Yes
Harders, Norma Jean Golden Rod Kennels Nebraska 2015 Video: Yes
Harries, Larry Harries' K9 Ranch Minnesota 2001
Harries, Larry & Carole Harries K9 Ranch Minnesota 2007
Harris, Larry Oklahoma 2015 Video: Yes
Harris, Wilma Harris Country Kennel Arkansas 2004 Video: Yes
Hawk, Jane Missouri 2007
Headings, Harold Woodland Kennels Illinois 2004 Video: Yes
Hibbard, Larry & Cindy Hibbard Farm Kansas 2004 Video: Yes
Hicks, Joy Hicks Kennel/Happy Hollow Missouri 2007
Horning, John Mark (son of Ivan and Ada) Pennsylvania 2007 Video: Yes
Howard, Linda and Larry Missouri 2012 Video: Yes
Hurliman, Dwayne Oklahoma 2015 Video: Yes
Jacob Kline Ohio 2019 Video: Yes
Jacobs, Nina Missouri 2012 Video: Yes
Jerry Miller Ohio 2019 Video: Yes
John Erb Windy Hill Kennel Ohio 2019 Video: Yes
Johnson, Ginger Cute and Cuddly Canines Arkansas 2004 Video: Yes
Johnson, Ruth LuvaPup's Kennel Missouri 2004 Video: Yes
Johnson, Wanda NE 2018 Video: Yes

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