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Owners Business State Year Media
Burkhart, Joyce Shady Valley Kennel Missouri 2007 Video: Yes
Burkholder, Keith and Marlene Pennsylvania 2005
Butler, Maureen PugPekinPooTzu Missouri 2013
Butler, Maureen PugPekinPooTzu Missouri 2015 Video: Yes
Cannon, Edward East Cannon Kennels Missouri 2015 Video: Yes
Clinton, Michel MO 2018 Video: Yes
Conger, Jeff Missouri 2015 Video: Yes
Cooper, Ronnie and Patricia Missouri 2004 Video: Yes
Corrigan, Connie Corrigan Kennels Illinois 2004 Video: Yes
Cox, Marsha Mar Don Kennel Missouri 2007
Craig, Dwayne D & G Kennels Oklahoma 2007 PDF: Yes
Video: Yes
Craig, Dwayne D & G Kennels Oklahoma 2004
Crick, Barb Crick's Kennels Nebraska 2010 Video: Yes
Davis, Rachel, Vickie, and Virgil MO 2018 Video: Yes
Dettbarn, Wendie and Doug Purple Heart Kennel Iowa 2015 Video: Yes
Detweiler, Joseph and Leroy Sunset Ridge Kennel Missouri 2015 Video: Yes
Doherty, Marie Doherty's Family Pets Kansas 2015 Video: Yes
Duncan, Gayle Gayle's Country Pups Oklahoma 2015 Video: Yes
Fedler, Craig Fedler Kennels Iowa 2007 Video: Yes
Feldman, Tim and Mary Raspberry Creek Kennel Missouri 2015 Video: Yes
Felts, Gary Black Diamond Kennel Iowa 2015 PDF: Yes
Video: Yes
Gabel, Jenny and Barb Missouri 2014 Video: Yes
Gonnella, Jeffrey Boston and Gail Missouri 2006
Goracke, Deborah Nebraska 2015 Video: Yes
Graber, Darrell Indiana 2015 Video: Yes

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