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Cust First Name Adam 
Shop Name puppyworld 
Shop Address Line 1 4643 S 27th St 
Shop Address Line 2  
Shop City Milwaukee 
Shop State or Province Wisconsin 
Shop Country United States  
Was Online Purchase No 
Shop Website 
Shop Email Address 
Date of Purchase 2010/06/15 
Price 9.00 
Shop Breed of Dog PUG 
Sex Female 
Date of Birth 2010/06/15 
Date of Death  
Diseases and Illnesses  My wife and I moved from Minnesota to Milwaukee about 2 years ago for my wife to attend medical school. We purchased our first house and wanted to complete our dream home and get a dog. Puppy world was the first place we looked at because we knew there would be a big selection of dogs to choose from. We were not excepting to find a dog that day, but when we laid out eyes on a little brown and black chihuahua we could not resist. My wife and I have always been skeptical about puppy stores and decided to question the staff at puppyworld before we thought about making any purchase. We asked them where the dogs were from, and if they were from puppy mills. The staff members response was ďabsolutely notĒ She than went on to say ďall our breeders are private and local, thatís why we charge a little more than most storesĒ We purchased a chihuahua from Puppyworld in June, 2009 for 2. She was a tiny little girl, weighing 1.5 pounds. We named her Baby Bella. Within the first few days of having her at home, she started to cough and wheeze. We took her to the vet and he told us she had kennel cough. We were given a 10-day course of antibiotics and she made a full recovery. Because her kennel cough occurred within the first 7 days of purchasing her, Puppyworld paid for her vet bills. About 4 months later, Bella stopped using her left rear leg. We took her to the vet to find out that she has a genetic condition called a luxating patella, which means that her patellar groove is too shallow to hold the ligament in place while she walks. She needed immediate knee surgery. The surgery cost us 8 and put her in a lot of pain for 4 months until she finally healed up. Our vet warned us that Bellaís other knee also had a shallow patellar groove and would likely need to be operated on within the next few years. In July of 2010, Bella stopped using her right rear leg and she had to have her second knee surgery. The surgery cost us 1 and Bella is still in recovery. Luxating patellas are not her only genetic defect. She was also born with a collapsing trachea, which has been quite a challenge. Every time she gets out of breath or excited, her trachea collapses, rendering her unable to breathe. There is no cure for this disease, so every time it happens, we have to pick her up and blow in her mouth to get it to open again. Needless to say, our chihuahua is not the healthy dog Puppyworld claimed she was. Unfortunately, this story gets worse. A month after purchasing our chihuahua from Puppyworld (before the problems had started with her), we bought a second dog from them... an adorable pug for 9. We named her Lily Bear. Compared to Bella, it was quite a challenge to get Lily to go potty outside. No matter how hard we tried to get her to go potty outside, she was having accidents in our house. Upon recommendation from a friend, we finally took Lily to the vet to make sure she did not have a bladder infection. To our surprise, Lily not only had a bladder infection but she had crystals in her urine. Lily was put on 10-days of antibiotic, which came to a total of . Lilyís bladder infection seemed to resolve within a week, and we then had much better success with her potty training. Six months later, Lily suddenly started urinating all over the house again. Of course, we assumed she had another bladder infection so we took her to the vet. Because of the severity of her previous bladder infection, the vet thought it would be a good idea to get an X-ray to make sure her kidney, ureters, and bladder were okay. To his surprise, our pug had a much more severe problem than any of us suspected. She has severe congenital hip dysplasia. Our vet told us that in his 30+ years of practice, he has never seen such horrible hip dysplasia in a dog so young. The reason she had been urinating all over the house is because her malformed hip bones kept sliding all over the place, and they pushed on her bladder. He also explained that her deformed hip bones have been rubbing together for her entire 1.5 years of life which has caused extensive bone remodeling and arthritis. Our pug now needs total hip replacements on both sides, and we got a quote from the Orthopedic surgeon in Madison for 00! Unfortunately, we do not have that kind of money, and are likely looking at having our poor, sweet little 1.5 year old pug put to sleep if we can't come up with the money. My wife and I have been absolutely devastated about this whole ordeal. She has even brought up trying to sell her wedding ring to come up with enough money to pay for the surgery. The worst part about this whole thing is that the staff at Puppyworld were incredibly mean and nasty to us when we told them about our pug's hip dysplasia. The staff at Puppyworld say "we cover hip dysplasia in the first three years" as a selling point. What they don't tell you is that their idea of covering hip dysplasia is giving you store credit toward a new puppy. How can they think that a puppy is replaceable? We don't want to replace her! We want to fix the puppy we have!!! She's our baby, and she is irreplaceable!!! Since we have no interest in getting another genetically defective dog from them, we asked the manager at Puppyworld if we could please have cash back for our puppy so that we can put it towards her surgery. She was so nasty to us! She told us that we are "cheap" and that itís not her problem that our dog is malformed. We tried contacting our pug's breeder to see if there was anything they could do to help us cover our pug's surgery. The "breeder" because the puppy came from a large puppy mill in southern Iowa. Said I am so sorry and offered no help. We went back and forth for weeks,, puppy world would say they would call, than would not. After 1 month they finally offered us 9.00 to our vet towards the surgery. And one of there conditions was that I would have to give back all the paper work we received with lily. I explained to them that was not acceptable, they said that was there final offer. We have the last name of the breeder for Bella, however puppyworld refuses to give us any information on them. They said it was a friend of a breeder they do business with and they were a local breeder. The research my wife and I have done seems to trace her back to Missouri, but do not know for sure. This business is full of lies and deception. My wife and I would never support puppy mill breeders and the stores who sell them. We were lied to from the start, and they donít seem to care about what happens to the dogs they sell. We did not do anything wrong but yet have to suffer the consequences of this irresponsible business. I am doing everything in my power to help educate people about where these dogs are really from. They said truth is that if this business keeps selling dogs there are going to be many more broken hearts and sick puppies in the future. M wife and I thank you from the bottom of are hearts for taking time to read this. If there is any possible way to bring this place to justice and save people from the heartache we had to go through, It will be an answer to our prayers. Sincerely, Adam and Stephanie Standal  
When illness begin end In story above 
Hereditary Defects none that we were told about 
Recommend vet No 
Veterinary expenses to date 00+ 
How did you hear about shop online 
Please describe conditions Very small kennels stacked about 4-5 high, wire bottoms, rabbit style water bottles, I was in there once and the dogs are in a seperate room you can look through glass at them, one of the owners/workers has a dog thats is allowed to run free in back i saw him several times lift his leg and pee on puppies, the puppies really had no way to get out of the way... they do some kinda treatment where they put puppies into a box that have a cough and give them some kinda treatment, I asked the vet layton animal hospital where you get the 1st free vet check for free if it was ok they did that and he said yes beacuse he is in charge of it, even though they do it without him onsite 
Eastern European Purchase No 
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Breeders City  
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