Breeder: Howard, Linda and Larry
Business name: L & L Kennels
Address: 200 S. Buchanan
City, State Zip: Linneus, MO
Year: 2012
USDA License: 43-A-3414
Date of CAPS Investigation: 2012-06-22

On the premises at the time of investigation: Approximately 60 dogs.

Breeds: Yorkshire Terriers, Pugs

The temperature at the time of the investigation was 90 degrees Fahrenheit.

Building Type #1:
I arrived at L & L Kennels around 5 pm. Ms. Howard greeted me at the door along with a pet Yorkshire Terrier. After showing me the few dogs she had left at her facility after a recent downsize, I took interest in a Yorkie. She stated she didn’t usually sell to the public but was willing to sell me some of her Yorkies under the table to avoid taxes.  A licensee must report all sales directly or through an auction to research facilities, dealers, exhibitors, retail pet stores, and persons for use as pets in an annual report to determine licensing fees (2.7 (b) Annual report by licensees).

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