How to Celebrate Animal Rights Day All Year Long


On Sunday, June 2nd, people around the United States celebrated Animal Rights Day. The National Animal Rights Day (NARD) was established by Our Planet, Theirs Too in 2011. Although it is a grassroots effort, it is still one of the largest events for animals across the globe. On this day, events, presentations, parades, and more are held to raise awareness on animal rights.

So, what exactly are animal rights? It means the right of all animals to not be exploited for human purposes and to not be treated as property. Animal rights issues include, but are not limited to the following: factory farming, veganism (not eating or using animals or their by-products) slaughter of animals for human consumption, hunting, fur, the pet shop and puppy/kitten mill industry, zoos, aquariums, circuses, animals used for entertainment.

As more laws are being put into place to protect not only companion animals, but all animals, from suffering and abuse, it is up to us to make sure these laws are upheld and speak out when they are not. In our many years of investigations at pet shops and animal mills across the country, we have found time and time again that these animals are living in inhumane conditions. From small wired cages, to minimal or no veterinary care, these animals are being bred and sold for the sole purpose of making a profit. These animals are not given any rights from both the puppy mill owners and the pet shops who support them.

Below, we have provided a few ways you can help give animals the rights they deserve not just on Animal Rights Day, but every day this year.

1. Adopt, Don’t Shop.
You may have heard this line said many times but we cannot stress enough how important and true it is. Every time you buy a dog from a pet shop, you are allowing another dog in a shelter to be euthanized. Shelters around the world are overflowing with dogs, cats, rabbits, and more who are seeking a forever home. If we as a society continue to purchase dogs from pet shops, we are continuing to support the puppy mills where these animals are coming from. By adopting an animal from a shelter or rescue, you are not only gaining a friend, you are saving their life.

2. Do Not Support Animal Exploitation
While it may be a no-brainer for most to not abuse their companion animal, animal exploitation goes beyond just the animals we consider family. From animals such as tigers and elephants who are forced to perform at shows and fairs, to dog and horse racing, animal abuse is widespread in our society. By not supporting the cruel treatment of animals, you are helping to take a stand for animal rights.

3. Help Spread Awareness
You may be aware of animal cruelty going on in this world, but does the rest of your family? Your neighbors? Your coworkers? Helping to spread your knowledge and understanding of these ongoing issues is just as important as standing up for them in the first place. One person can make a difference, but a large group of people can have a louder voice. Follow CAPS on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter and help share our stories with your friends and family. Be sure to share our action alerts and newsletters.

It can be easy to get frustrated and feel like your efforts are useless, but these animals are counting on us to keep fighting and standing up for them. Sign up for our newsletter to stay up-to-date on current events, successes, and wins for companion animals.

Stand With Us.

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