Imagine a dog you love.

She’s in a crowded, filthy, wire-meshed cage.
With with no soft surfaces to rest on. No veterinary care. Nothing but misery, day after day.

She can’t talk.
She can’t complain.
She can’t stop the misery.

But you can.

Put an end to puppy mills. Once and for all.

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Every year

2 million animals are born in mills
1.5 million shelter animals are killed
Countless suffer due to pet shops

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The Truth Behind Online Puppy Sales Documentary Debuts

CAPS' Short Documentary Reveals the Deceptive Sales Practices and Puppy Mill Breeders Associated with Internet Puppy Sellers As CAPS’ work decreases the number of pet shops, more people are buying puppies online. USDA breeders who were previously selling to pet shop are now selling online. CAPS has been investigating online puppy sales since 2010. The Truth Behind Online Puppy Sales shows CAPS' undercover investigations of puppy…

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