Breeder: Alison Hawkins
Address: 427681 E 1845 Rd
City, State, Zip: Finley, OK 74543
USDA License: 73-A-2145

Date and time of CAPS Investigation: 06/15/22; 13:56

Weather at time of investigation: 89°F and sunny

Approximate number of dogs observed at time of investigation: five (not all dogs could be observed)

The kennel had several structures arranged at the east end of the property, partially hidden from view by trees and fencing. Some structures were blocked from view by others, and several faced away from my view. There were two barns with indoor/outdoor cages on two sides, a barn with wire pens connected to it but mostly blocked from my view, and several rows of elevated outdoor cages. Kennel structures were placed so they were at least within 20’ of one or more structures.

One building with indoor/outdoor cages had two rows of cages on each of two sides, one set over the other, with about nine cages per row. Plastic sheets under cages were used to catch manure and urine. Cages made of treated wire were about four feet long and three feet wide and tall. Trees partially blocked view to the cages, though I saw four dogs in different cages. A dog in a top cage, with long brown and white fur, circled continuously as I watched the property. For about fifteen seconds at a time, the dog would walk in circles before going out of view and then resuming. This is behavior indicative of extreme anxiety and boredom from a lack of exercise (3.8 Exercise for dogs). Weeds that were over two feet tall covered the ground within about four feet of the kennel. Nearby was also a discarded red paper bag, like the kind used for dog food (3.1 Housing facilities, general (b) Condition and site).

Another building had a single row of three elevated indoor/outdoor cages on each of two sides. One row was partially visible to me, though it was mostly blocked from view by a fence. I could see a small-breed, white, short-haired dog standing up in one cage but could not see dogs in the others. About six feet of a wooden fence, located within several feet of the building, was leaning about a foot in one direction into a tree. Stacked against the outside of the fence were several rusted metal gates and torn pieces of cardboard (3.1 Housing facilities, general (b) Condition and site).

A barn was near both buildings, and several dog runs with wire walls were visible on the east side of the barn. The runs were covered by a metal roof. Only a few runs were visible to me, with their dimensions difficult to make out since they were shadowed and partially blocked by a tree.

There were at least two series of elevated, outdoor cages, set next to each other and facing away towards the other kennel structures. Each held about four wire cages, appearing to be about five feet long and three feet wide and tall, with metal rooves over them and plastic sheets covered part of their backs.

Evidence contradicting pet store claims:

The kennel sells to Southpaw Puppies in Neosho, Missouri, a broker that sells to Petland of West Wichita and Petland Topeka. During my investigation of that store on 8/13/21, an employee claimed the store doesn’t use puppy mills. The store had a video playing on repeat of dogs and puppies running grassy yards. When I asked for information on a particular breeder for a puppy, the employee showed me the name of a kennel with pictures of dogs in large yards.

On 8/15/21, I visited the Petland Topeka store and saw the store had folders of information about Petland puppies available for customers to review. Inside were photos of Petland breeders’ facilities with dogs in large yards.

Hawkins’ facility has no exercise yard for dogs as Petland of West Wichita and Petland Topeka show in their videos and breeder information. In fact, Hawkins’ yard is overgrown with weeds. Dogs being kept entirely in cages and dog runs contradicts the Petland stores’ representation of breeders as having dogs and puppies running free.

Breeder is connected to the following brokers through 2021 Certificates of Veterinary Inspection

Select Puppies, West Point, IA, 42-B-0314 (sells to Petland Topeka)

Southpaw Puppies, Neosho, MO, 43-B-3812 (sells to Petland of West Wichita)

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