Breeder: Larry Harris
Address: 20155 N CR
City, State Zip: Keota, OK 74941
Year: 2015
USDA License: Unlicensed
Date of CAPS Investigation: 05/22/15
CAPS investigation: 5/22/15

Approximate number of dogs observed at time of investigation: 20-30 dogs, unknown number of puppies

Breeds: Boston Terriers, French Bulldogs, English Bulldogs

I spoke to Mrs. Harris (Caucasian female, about 65 years old, 5’5”, 130 lbs., with brown and grey hair) at her residence. I spoke to her briefly about her business, and did not view her breeding dogs.

Statements contradicting pet store claims
I asked Mrs. Harris if she has a whelping barn where she keeps her puppies. She responded, “We do, we keep them right here.” This appears to contradict a claim by Citibulldogs (Queens, NY) that their breeders’ puppies are raised with families from a young age, though I did not observe the residence or the whelping barn to determine the accuracy of her statement.

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