Breeder: Jeffrey R. and Judy K. Gray
Address: 107 South Street
City, State Zip: Rothville, MO
Year: 2013
USDA License: 43-A-4052
Date of CAPS Investigation: 2013-07-19
The temperature at the time of investigation: 78 degrees Fahrenheit and cloudy.

Breeds: English Bulldogs, Chihuahuas and more.

On the premises at time of investigation: More than 40 dogs

Building 1
Judy took me out back and went into building 1.  Judy had all small dogs and puppies there.  From her leaving the door open, I could see and smell the fecal matter from the dogs inside. The flies were all over the area (Sec 3.11 Cleaning, sanitation, housekeeping and pest control (a) Cleaning of primary enclosures). The kennels seemed small, but I would need to get inside to see and measure them.

There was no lighting on in the building, and no ventilation besides an a/c unit (Sec 3.2 Indoor housing facilities (b) (c) Ventilation, lighting). The kennels also seemed to be made of wood. On the outside of building #1, the fecal matter was built up and flies were all over (Sec 3.11 Cleaning, sanitation, housekeeping and pest control (a) Cleaning of primary enclosures). The fecal matter was pushed out a door from building #1 like it came from the kennels inside. There was so much fecal matter that it had to have been over 24 hours old. There was clutter and junk all around the building (Sec 3.1 Housing facilities, general (b) Condition and Site).  Judy brought some Chihuahua puppies out. They were covered in fecal matter and the white puppy had a brown tint to his/her fur from urine.  Two of the puppies had liquid stools and one puppy was a bit underweight (Sec 2.40 Attending veterinary and adequate veterinary care).

Buildings 2-6
Behind building 1, there were sheds/small buildings all down a hill.  The adults were housed either in the sheds or by the sheds.  From looking down the hill, I could see fecal matter in the adult kennels of the English bulldogs.  It was well over 24 hours old (Sec 3.11 Cleaning, sanitation, housekeeping and pest control (a) Cleaning of primary enclosures). Some of the fencing on the kennels looked rusty and old. (Sec 3.4 Outdoor housing facilities (c) Construction of housing facilities).

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