Glendale, California Proposes Ban on Dog and Cat Sales



Glendale, California Proposes Ban on Dog and Cat Sales

Who: Companion Animal Protection Society (CAPS)
Where: Cohasset, MA When: Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Glendale, California City Council proposes ban on sale of dogs and cats in pet stores.

The City Council of Glendale, Calif. is considering banning the sale of cats and dogs in pet stores, echoing a nationwide movement promoting the humane pet shop model. In June, 2011, CAPS filed an investigation report with Glendale’s City Attorney Scott Howard. The report included evidence of violations that were occurring in Glendale’s Pets R Us, which obtains its puppies from The Hunte Corporation in Goodman, Mo.. CAPS conducted a six month undercover investigation at Hunte, the largest dog brokering facility in the country, as well as investigating 50 of their breeders, which were mostly USDA licensed. Approximately 50 percent of these puppy mills had serious enough violations to warrant an investigation report to the USDA. The CAPS investigation of The Hunte Corporation revealed inhumane and substandard breeding facilities with multiple and repeat violations of the Animal Welfare Act. The dogs (and in some instances, cats) are not given even the USDA minimum standards of care. Some of the Hunte breeders have had their licenses cancelled. In the CAPS undercover footage provided to the city of Glendale, a Hunte commercial breeder was videotaped talking about shooting his dogs when they are no longer of use to him.

“We congratulate the Glendale City Council and especially City Attorney Scott Howard, for their progressive leadership,” said CAPS West Coast Director, Carole Davis. “This ordinance will break the puppy mill cycle by canceling long-standing contracts with brokers and commercial breeders that are routinely violating the Animal Welfare Act. Consequently, local companion animals in the shelter system will benefit. People don’t want a pet born in an inhumane breeding factory and this ordinance saves lives and protects consumers on a local level.”

“The information provided to our office by CAPS representatives was fact based and assisted us with the preparation of a report and ordinance. Their efforts to address the problems associated with substandard breeding facilities is to be applauded and their assistance to our office is greatly appreciated,” said Glendale City Attorney Scott H. Howard.

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CAPS’ investigations of The Hunte Corporation,
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Hunte Corporation – From Puppy Mill to Pet Shop
Undercover at the Hunte Corporation

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