Geovanni’s Pet Shop
10846 Aldine Westfield Rd
Houston, TX 77093
(281) 227-7841

Dates and times of CAPS investigation: 4/19/23, 1629

Approximate number of puppies observed at time of investigation: seven puppies

Cages too small

Puppies were all in wire cages against one wall of the store, with several in cages stacked on top of others. All cages had plastic sheets, filled with chips, under their wire loorings to catch urine and debris. Metal food and water dishes were on wire floorings as well. Three cages each contained one puppy, and two each contained two puppies. Puppies had no space to walk more than two steps before they had to turn around, and when they sat their ears were within a few inches of their cage ceilings. Because the cages were not as wide as they were long, all of the puppies would touch the walls of their enclosures if they stood normally facing the shortest distance of their cages.

Cages were of different dimentions. The cages that contained two puppies each were about 4.5 feet long and also two feet wide and three feet tall. The puppies inside didn’t have enough space for the animals inside to not constantly touch each other or the sides of the cages at any given time. One had two Belgian Malinois in them, and another had a Belgian Malinois and a German Shepherd. The Malinois/Shepherd cage was stacked on top of another cage, and one of its doors was open, though the puppies did not jump out.

Two cages with one puppy in them were about 3.5 feet long, two feet wide, and three feet tall. One contained a Belgian Malinois and another had a Cane Corso in it. The third cage containing a single puppy, a Cane Corso, was smaller. The cage was about three feet long, and two feet wide and tall. The puppy had no space to take a single step without running into a cage wall.

Owner verified puppies come from breeders

I spoke a man behind the counter (Hispanic male, about 45 years old, 5’6″, 190 lbs., with a shaved black hair) who referred to the store as his, indicating he is the owner. I asked him about the puppies, and said I wanted to make sure they weren’t from puppy mills. He asked, “What do you mean?” I then asked what the breeding conditions were like for dogs, and he said, “No, it’s, I mean, we keep it, I mean, that’s, it’s like, we don’t get it from the breeder. It’s like people when they start getting the baby the puppies, in the house.”

I asked about the Cane Corso in the smallest cage, and he said the puppy was $800 with papers, which he said he had ready and would come with the puppy so I could finalize the registration myself. When I asked to see the registration papers, he searched but couldn’t find them and then told me he would contact a breeder to verify the registration was AKC and ICCS. He texted someone that he put in his phone as “Jesus Corso” to do so.

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