Furry Babies
170 Yorktown Shopping Center
Lombard, IL 60148 

Date and time of CAPS investigation:  6-13-24, 2:30 p.m.

Approximate number of puppies observed at time of investigation: 17 puppies

When I walked in the store I saw approximately 17 puppies. Most of them were smaller breeds, Doodle mixes, Maltese, and one German Shepherd.

I spoke with an employee to ask if she knew of any of the rescues used by the store. She said she did not know. I asked if I could speak to a manager.

I spoke with a manager named Brenda. She stated that she does not have a list of rescues that the stores uses. They only know when a rescue dog comes to the store when they get new puppies and even then, they won’t know of the rescue until they get the dog into their store.

Breeder information obtained from the Furry Babies Lombard website

David Miller, Baltic, OH, 31-A-0428, 134 adults, 77 puppies at 2/23/22 USDA inspection; 137 adults, 115 puppies at 1/12/22 USDA inspection; 147 adults, 127 puppies at 5/22/19 USDA inspection. He has not been inspected in over two years.

David R Yoder, Millersburg, OH, 31-A-0666, 48 adults, 35 puppies at 5/8/24 USDA inspection

Ervin Raber, Golden View Kennels, Baltic, OH, 31-A-0124, 37 adults, 4 puppies at 5/8/23 USDA inspection

Sunset View Kennels (also says Valley View Kennel as site name on inspection reports and on USDA APHIS website), 9801 Fall Creek Rd, Ste 332, Indianpolis, IN, 31-A-0665 (licensed cancelled 8/11/22), 151 adults, 125 puppies a6 5/23/22  at USDA inspection. Address is a UPS store. USDA should require breeders to use the address of their facility on their license and inspection reports. In addition, 31-A or B is for USDA licenses in Ohio, not Indiana, which is 32-A or B.

Previous address on USDA inspection reports and the actual physical location: 30266 TR 213, Fresno, OH, 219 adults, 150 puppies at 2/8/21 USDA inspection; 253 adults, 130 puppies at 7/10/19 USDA inspection; 242 adults, 158 puppies at 5/18/23 USDA inspection; 265 adults, 215 puppies at 6/28/17 pre-license inspection. Having a total of 480 dogs and puppies at a pre-license inspection indicates that they were selling puppies to pet shops without a federal license.

USDA photos (2013) Daniel and Ida Schlabach, owners of Sunset View Kennels

Rosie Hershberger and Menno Yoder, Millersburg, OH, 31-A-0535, 55 adults, 44 puppies at 3/11/24 USDA inspection; 55 adults, 40 puppies at 3/7/24 USDA inspection at which inspector cited him under 2.40 Veterinary Care for not telling his veterinarian that there was a Dachshund puppy with a deformed, blind eye. During the inspection, the licensee called his attending veterinarian and was given “further guidance” for this condition.

John Yoder. Ridge View Puppies, Millersburg, OH, 31-A-0732, 64 adults and 99 puppies at 9/20/23 USDA inspection

Mose Nisley (license is under Mary NIsley), Malta, OH, 31-A-0759, 100 dogs, 161 puppies at 3/30/22 USDA inspection. This facilty has not been inspected in more than two years.

Leon YoderFredericksburg, OH,, 31-A-0418, 16 adults, 36 puppies at 11/3/22 USDA inspection

David Schlabach, Millersburg, OH, 31-A-0647, adults, 27 puppies at 1/12/23 USDA inspection

Ivan Raber, Millersburg, OH, 31-A-0750, 73 adults, 108 puppies at 3/14/24 USDA inspection

Daniel Miller, Fresno, OH, 31-A-0777, 94 adults,50 puppies at 5/6/23 USDA inspection

Freeman Raber, Baltic, OH, 31-A-0074, 118 adults, 130 puppies at 2/1/23 USDA inspection

Betty Troyer,  Fresno, OH  31-A-0494, 83 adults, 58 puppies at 4/2/24 USDA inspection

Amos Yoder,  Baltic, OH, 31-A-0554, 2.126 violation for no responsible adult available to accompany inspector at 7/19/24 USDA inspection. This facility has not been inspected since 8/21/18.

Milam Keim, Millersburg, OH, 31-A-0811, 81 dogs, 32 puppies at 3/4/22 USDA isnepction. He has not been inspected in over two years.

Ella Raber, Fresno, OH, 31-A-0570, 83 adults, 53 puppies at 4/2/24 USDA inspection

Delber Yoder, Millersfburg, OH,  31-A-0590,137 adults, 84 puppies at 1/31/22 USDA inspection. This facility has not been inspected in more than two years.

Junior Yoder (license under Aden Yoder), Fresno, OH, 31-A-0663, French Bulldog breeder, 19 adults, 8 puppies at 4/28/23 USDA inspection. French Bulldog mothers are artificially inseminated and have to deliver puppies by C-section.

Lester Miller, Whispering Pines Kennel, Baltic, OH, 31-A-0566, 31 adults, 51 puppies at 5/6/23 USDA inspection

Fraudulent rescues

Furry Babies states on their website that they created the Baby Princess Foundation to find homes for adult rescue  dogs: “The foundation partners w rescues across the country and the dogs are available for adoption in our store.”  After Illinois’ retail ban law went into effect in February 2022, Furry Babies was obtaining a few adult breeding dogs from Dog Mother Rescue. Alison Hedgpeth (Lonewolf Kennels), a USDA licensed broker (43-B-3435) and transporter (43-T-0448) created this fraudulent rescue to circumvent retail ban laws, initially in Chicago.

Baby Princess Foundation is incorporated in Delaware and filed as a foreign corporation with the Illinois Secretary of State, but they are not registered as a charity with the Illinois Attorney General.

Furry Babies is violating 225 ILCS 605 by selling puppies

(225 ILCS 605/3.8)

Sec. 3.8. Prohibition Sourcing of dogs and cats sold by pet shops; recordkeeping.

(a) A pet shop operator may offer for sale a dog or cat only if the dog or cat is obtained from an animal control facility or animal shelter, located in-state or out-of-state, that is in compliance with Section 3.9.







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