Fourth of July Safety Tips for Companion Animals


4th of july
The 4th of July is a great holiday to spend quality time with loved ones while celebrating the birth of our great nation. The combination of colorful fireworks, delicious food, warm weather, and great company makes Independence Day a fun and joyous yearly festivity. Unfortunately, what might seem fun for humans isn’t always that fun for our four-legged companions. July 5th is often a busy day for many animal shelters due to panicked animals who get lost, injured, or disoriented trying to seek shelter from loud noises and bright flashes of light.
Please take a moment off your busy schedule and read the following tips to keep Fifi and Fido safe and sound during your holiday celebration.

1) Keep your companion animals INDOORS.
You can save yourself a lot of trouble by using this tip! Even if Fido and Fifi love the outdoors, loud noises might result in severe anxiety and unexpected behavior. Anxious cats and dogs often wind up lost or injured trying to seek shelter from pyrotechnics.

2) Don’t use insect repellant or sunscreen on Fido unless it’s specifically labeled for use on animals.

3) Alcoholic beverages can be poisonous to cats and dogs. Never leave alcohol unattended.

4) If you’re going to watch a fireworks display, leave Fido at home.
Firework displays can be extremely stressful to our four-legged friends. Leave Fifi and Fido in a safe, quiet , and secure area at home. Loud noises might send a scared animal running out the door (or window).

5) Make sure all your four-legged pals (including outdoor cats) have ID tags (with their names and your phone number) and/or microchip identification.
This simple precaution can save you a lot of time and tears! It’s much easier to get a lost cat or dog back if they’re wearing proper identification.

6) Keep glow jewelry away from Fido.

7) DON’T use fireworks around companion animals!
Besides being extremely loud (and stress-inducing), pyrotechnics can also cause burns and trauma in curious pets.

8) Don’t feed Fido “table food.”
Any change in Fido’s diet can cause an upset stomach. Many foods, such as onions, chocolate, and raisins, can be extremely toxic to cats and dogs. Saying “no” to a sad puppy face can be difficult, but it’s a must for a healthy and happy furry friend. Stick to the regular diet instead.
List of toxic foods for cats.
List of toxic foods for dogs.

9) Keep matches and lighter fluid away from companion animals.

10) Never leave citronella candles (or any type of candle) and insect coils unattended. Make sure they’re always well out of reach!

11) If Fido needs to go out for a walk, do so early in the evening before things get noisy outside.

12) Always keep an eye on Fifi during hot summer days. High temperatures can lead to heatstroke, which can be deadly if ignored.
Click here to learn more about heatstroke in dogs and cats.

13) Never leave a dog unattended in a car, even if you’ll only be away for a short period of time. Temperatures can reach up to 116 degrees when it’s 72 degrees outside in less than an hour.

14) If your companion animal is easily agitated or suffers from anxiety, call your veterinarian to discuss options.

The Companion Animal Protection Society wishes you a happy and safe 4th of July!

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