Fashion Models Stand Up for Animal Protection


Companion Animal Protection Society (CAPS) Ongoing National Campaign Raising Awareness about the Pet Shop – Puppy Mill Industry

Who: Companion Animal Protection Society (CAPS)
Where: Cohasset, MA

Glamorous models and Beatrice, a sassy Basset Hound puppy mill survivor, are the faces of Companion Animal Protection Society’s (CAPS) national campaign designed to educate the public about atrocities in puppy mills and the risks associated with buying dogs at pet shops supplied by these facilities.

The Models Against Pet Shops and Puppy Mills campaign also promotes adoption of rescue and shelter animals.  Components include public service announcements aired on numerous national cable networks and local stations, print ads, billboards in major U.S. cities, transit ads in cities including New York City and Boston and social media efforts led by Beatrice.

Beatrice was only 4-months-old when CAPS investigators rescued her from a South Dakota puppy mill in 2003.  Beatrice was deemed unfit for breeding by the facility due to her deformed elbows.  Fast forward to 2014: Beatrice resides in a loving, forever home and is the face of a National campaign designed to educate the public about the pet shop-puppy mill connection.  Beatrice has her own business cards and has taken the social media world by storm with more than 2,200 Facebook fans and over 500 connections on LinkedIn.

“Our Models Against Pet Shops and Puppy Mills campaign is designed to make sure that beautiful animals like Beatrice are treated with kindness and the utmost respect no matter where they are and who is caring for them,” said CAPS Founder and President Deborah Howard.  “It’s so important to inform the public about this important animal protection issue and educate them about the sources of that cute puppy in the window or sold over the Internet.”

Beatrice gladly shares the spotlight with professional model Kiley Wirtz Jennings, who learned about CAPS after viewing a shocking video documentary chronicling the undercover employment of a CAPS investigator who compiled the evidence necessary to convict one of the most notorious dog brokers of animal cruelty and terminate her USDA license.  Kiley was so moved by the documentary that she contacted CAPS and offered to donate her time.  Additional professional models, make-up artists, clothes stylists, a fashion photographer, a videographer, and rescue dogs, also donated their time.

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About CAPS:
Founded by President Deborah Howard in 1992, the Companion Animal Protection Society (CAPS) is the only national nonprofit organization dedicated exclusively to protecting companion animals from cruelty in pet shops and puppy mills. CAPS actively addresses the abuse and suffering of pet shop and puppy mill dogs through investigations, education, media relations, legislative involvement, puppy mill dog rescues, consumer assistance, and pet industry employee relations.

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