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What is Deramaxx?

Deramaxx is a pain-reliever developed for dogs by Novartis Animal Health Products. It is referred to as a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID). Although it may provide relief for some dogs, it has also been connected with serious adverse reactions and has been linked to side effects that include (but are not limited to) vomiting, anorexia, depression/lethargy, weakness, anemia and in more extreme cases, death. For a more detailed list of side effects, please visit:

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How much is enough?

Your companion animal is not capable of clearly communicating to you how much medicine is enough. With fast metabolizers, the administered dosage should clear the system in a reasonable timeframe, whereas with a slower metabolizer, the drug, Deramaxx in this case, may take excessive time, far beyond what is expected to clear. This can bring the concentration up to toxic levels and upon administration of the next dosage, send Deramaxx to an even higher level of concentration.

Be informed, make sure your vet is informed about Deramaxx

Veterinarians and companion animal owners should be informed in advance of the potential side effects and adverse reactions of Deramaxx . If your dog has liver or problems, avoid Deramaxx at all cost, regardless of whether the animal is a fast or slow metabolizer. If you are a new companion animal owner and have not yet selected a vet, ask how he/she treats pain. Try to get a feel for whether your future vet is knowledgeable about Deramaxx , Rimadyl and some of the other drugs which have warranted undesirable publicity.

If you have had a dog treated by a vet who prescribed Deramaxx , think back to how the interaction went. Did the veterinarian communicate to you the risk information and/or provide for you a fact sheet concerning the drug? Another thing which can happen to further confuse the situation is repackaging Deramaxx , Rimadyl, or other drugs into smaller vials. Be aware that many drugs such have generic names as well (carprofen for Rimadyl).

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