Breeder: Dennis Wagler/Dennis and Amanda Stoll
Address: 5076 N 575 E
City, State, Zip: Montgomery, IN 47558
USDA License: none
Date and time of CAPS Investigation: 4/15/24; 1153

Weather at time of investigation: 80°F and sunny

Approximate number of dogs and puppies observed at time of investigation: two dogs

Breed: Pomeranians

The address was the location for more than one breeder for more than one pet store. CAPS obtained CVIs in 2023 that reveal that a Dennis Wagler and a Dennis and Amanda Stoll both used the 5076 N 575 E address for puppies they sold. Wagler sold puppies to The Barking Boutique, while the Stolls’ puppies went to Petland Novi. The property has a driveway that goes to several residences so close to each other they all appear to be one property, and all are owned by Waglers, though none with the name Dennis.

There was one kennel area visible on the properties. It was a series of five outdoor dog pens, each about six feet long and four feet wide, made with chain link fencing and rusting metal sheets for roofs. Three of the pens had fifty-gallon plastic barrels that acted as dog houses, while the other two had dog houses that appeared to be made of wood. Two of the barrel pens each had one Pomeranian in them. The pens’ floorings were dirt and grass. There were no toys or enrichment of any kind in the runs.

No play yard was visible on the property, and certainly none was attached to or anywhere near the dog runs. On the west end of the runs was a run made of galvanized wire, with a chain link door that was not covered. It had a tarp placed over something unseen ,and outside the run was a pile of stacked wood. This additional small run and the area around it seemed to be for storage and not for enrichment.

The breeders are connected to the following stores:

Petland Novi, Novi, MI (CVI 2023) (Dennis and Amanda Stoll)

I investigated Petland Novi on 3/19/24. An employee told me that the store’s breeders keep dogs in runs and said, “So they’ll have huge fences and yards for the puppies and the parents to be able to run in.” She specifically said the breeders have “large turn-out yards,. She added, “So the dogs, the parents, puppies, all of that can run around out in the backyard, get some exercise. They’ll do enrichments as well with them. So they’ll hide treats out there to help them try and find it for them.” She also told me that even whelping parents have access to turn-out yards. The puppy mill at the property for Stoll and Wagler clearly has no “large turn-out yard” or “little socialization rooms.” Furthermore, the total lack of enrichment for the dogs contradicts the employee’s claims.

The Barking Boutique, Grand Rapids, MI (CVI 2023) (Dennis Wagler)

I investigated The Barking Boutique on 3/21/24. An employee told me that the store’s breeders let dogs run in fenced fields, and that dogs are kept in “a very open space.” The barren dog runs I observed at the Wagler/Stoll mill contradict The Barking Boutique employee’s description of the store’s breeders.

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