Breeder: Rachel, Vickie, and Virgil Davis
Address: 4712 State Hwy NN
City, State, Zip: Seymour, MO 65746
USDA License: 43-B-3732
Date of CAPS Investigation: 8/13/18
Time of CAPS Investigation: 14:45
Weather at time of investigation: 89°F and mostly cloudy

There were multiple kennel structures on the property. There were at least four rows of chain-link runs on the ground, which seemed to have indoor/outdoor access and of varying sizes and designs, but no dogs could be seen inside them from the observation point. One of the rows of runs was on the southern side of a metal barn.  The northern side of the barn had six elevated indoor/outdoor wire cages attached to it. A Pomeranian could be seen in each of three cages, a single Chihuahua was in another, and two Chihuahuas were in yet another. The outdoor cages were about four feet long and two feet wide and tall.

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