Dans Kennel
11562 Ketchum road
North Collins NY 14111
(716) 337-4024

Date and time of CAPS investigation: 08/17/2018; 2:42 p.m.

Approximate number of dogs observed at time of investigation: 51 puppies

Puppies were kept in partially open topped wire cages on wire flooring with no bedding. These cages were attached to the wall and the lower edges were approximately two feet from the floor. Feces and urine from the cages fell onto sawdust underneath. Approximately four puppies were in open topped playpen type enclosures, sitting on wire with no bedding. Folders containing puppy information was on the wall behind the cages. No information about the puppies was openly visible to customers. Signs were posted that said information was available to prospective purchasers. 

An employee named Brett told me that some of the puppies were born here while others were brought here. I asked Brett if I could look at the paperwork for two specific puppies in two separate cages. He retrieved the folders with the puppy information and looked through the paperwork. Brett did not offer the paperwork to me for me to read and closed the folders after saying the puppies had been born there. Brett said that if I wanted to know if the puppies here were born locally that I would have to ask Dan, the owner. Brett appeared to be reluctant to provide me with much information.

The two puppies I had enquired about were both displaying nervous behavior and were seen to be shaking. An unknown customer pointed out these puppies to me and said they were scared. I interacted with one of the puppies in an open pen and the puppy refused to come to me when prompted, visibly shaking the whole time.

Breeder info:

  1. Dans Kennel, 11562 Ketchum Road, North Collins NY 14111- per information given by employee Brett.

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