Breeder: Ladonna Dailey
Address: 10078 Farm Rd 2090
City, State, Zip: Purdy, MO 65734
USDA License: 43-A-3800
Date of CAPS Investigation: 11/8/19
Time of CAPS Investigation: 11:49

Weather at time of investigation: 38°F and sunny

Approximate number of dogs observed at time of investigation: 20 (due to cold weather, it is unlikely that all dogs were visible)

Breeds: Corgi, Bichon Frise, Yorkshire Terrier, Boston Terrier

Four parts of the kennel were visible to me, all of them north of the residence on the property. One was a Sundowner model on the building’s east and west sides. It had two rows of eight elevated indoor/outdoor cages, each about three feet long and two feet wide and tall, one row set over the other, For cages in which dogs entered outdoor cage, one to two dogs per cage were visible. In one cage containing two Boston Terriers, I saw one of the dogs repeatedly run back in forth in the cage and jump against a cage wall, doing so at one point for about 50 seconds straight. I also saw that the dog press her muzzle against the top of her outdoor cage’s front wall, revealing the wall was loose enough to allow her muzzle to push to partially push through (3.1 – Housing facilities, general. (a) Structure; construction. Housing facilities for dogs must be designed and constructed so that they are structurally sound. They must be kept in good repair, and they must protect the animals from injury, contain the animals securely, and restrict other animals from entering; 3.6 (a)(1)(iii) – Primary Enclosures. Contain the dogs and cats securely )

West of the Sundowner kennel were two buildings with about a dozen concrete runs, each about eight feet long and three wide, with galvanized mesh walls on the structures’ east sides. One the west side one of the buildings there were approximately 14 elevated wire cages, each about three feet long, two feet wide, and just over a foot tall. In one of these cages, a Yorkie was repeatedly pacing and back forth and jumping against a cage wall, at one point for just under a minute straight. At the north side of the eastern buildings’ concrete runs, in which I observed two Corgis in one run, urine was evident running out of the pen into brown buildup that appeared to be manure runoff (3.1 – Housing facilities, general. (c) Surfaces (f) Drainage and waste disposal. Housing facility operators must provide for regular and frequent collection, removal, and disposal of animal food wastes in a manner that minimizes contamination and disease risks). Two dogs per run, which appeared to be Bichons, were in jseveral of the runs of the other building.

The northernmost part of the kennel was a row of five outdoor runs about eight feet long and five feet wide, with concrete floorings, galvanized mesh walls, and dog houses. I didn’t see any dogs in these runs, though it’s possible dogs were in the dog houses and not visible to me.

Evidence contradicting pet store claims:

On 4/21/19, I visited Puppy Love in Danbury, CT, and saw Ladonna Dailey’s name and address on a list of breeders selling to store, posted on a store a wall. An employee’s statement to me that USDA-licensed kennels all have grassy playgrounds and indoor tiled runs is false. No exercise area for dogs was evident on Dailey’s property.

An employee at Puppy Love also claimed that the store’s USDA-licensed breeders also have “absolutely no violations,” which is proven false by the violations noted above.

A certificate of veterinary inspection from 2017 indicates that Ladonna Dailey sold puppies to Petland Fort Myers in Fort Myers, FL. On 2/11/18, I visited Petland Fort Myers where an employee told me that store’s breeders kept puppies in “very spacious” areas that are “backyard type stuff.” No such area was evident on Dailey’s property.

Breeder is connected to the following stores:

  1. Puppy Love, CT (store visit 4/21/19; noted in the store investigation report is that Puppy Love obtained puppies through USDA-licensed “B” dealer Choice Puppies, which is owned by The Hunte Corporation, where I worked undercover for six months)
  2. Petland Ft Myers, FL (2017 CVI)

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