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Date and time of CAPS investigation: 4/22/19; 11:43

Approximate number of puppies observed at time of investigation: 50

Puppies were kept in enclosures with solid walls on three sides, one being clear plastic, wire walls on their backs, and wire floorings. The enclosures were set up against a wall on one side of the store. A consumer rights sign and signs offering information about the sources of puppies and USDA inspection reports for puppies’ breeders were posted at head-height behind the store clerk counter, on a wall opposite of the puppies.

Puppy enclosures had cards on them showing the towns and states breeders were from, but no other information about breeders. A list of breeders the store purchases from, with identification numbers for puppies the store has from them, was posted on the puppy enclosure wall, however.

I spoke to two employees, a Caucasian male, about 45 years old, 5’8″, 180 lbs., with bald head and New England accent who identified himself as Scott, and a Caucasian female, about 40 years old, 5’4″, 130 lbs., with long brown hair. Scott admitted knowing no specific information about breeders who sell to the store. The woman gave few specific claims about the store’s breeders, saying only that the store’s owner has visited some of the store’s breeders that are “family run,” and that the breeders who have Bulldogs retire the dogs after they have two to three litters because of the artificial insemination and C-sections the dogs have to go through. 

The female employee specifically mentioned that BJ & Guys breeds a lot of puppies for the store, but made no specific claims about conditions at the kennel.

Breeder info:

The following were obtained from a list of breeders posted in the store:

Breeder / Broker

  1. Alecia Davis, 43-A-6142, PO Box #93, Falcon, MO 65470 / SanJon Kennels, 2560 US Hwy 65, Louisburg, MO 65685, 43-B-3515
  2. Paul & Sharon Munk, 48-B-0081, BJ’s & Guys LLC, HC 1 Box 38, 562 S. Rd 150 W, Menlo, KS 67753
  3. Rebecca Eiler, 48-A-2176, Creekside Kennel, 725 BB Lane, Oberlin, KS 67749
  4. Leroy Yoder, 32-B-0242, 5928 North 850 E, Montgomery, IN 47562 / Loveable Gold Star Puppies, 10242 E 1475 N, Odon IN 47562, 32-B-0242
  5. Kim Parsons, 73-B-1866, First Class Puppies, 14053 S 4440 Rd, Bluejacket, OK 74333
  6. Judy Maasen, 42-A-1545, Adorable Puppy, 2078 300th St, Rock Valley, IA 51247
    Maasen’s 8/25/14 inspection listed 323 adult dogs and 142 puppies. The USDA inspector cited her for a Program of Veterinary Care that listed the routine method of euthanasia by the facility as “Gunshot in brain at close range.” Other violations included a dog with a large, red swelling between digits of a paw that had not been evaluated by a veterinarian, rusty cage wires, and chewed vinyl housing.
  1. Hooves & Paws, Lynn Davis, 1352 County Rd, Huntsville, MO 65259, 43-A-6145/Debbie Hubbard, 43-B-3792, 464 Paradise Rd, Sparta, MO 65753, 
  2. Daniel Troyer, 43-A-6077, 726 Audrain Rd 152, Clark, MO 65243
  3. Jason & Jean Wagler, 32-A-0245, 4525 N 1050 E, Loogootee, IN 47553
  4. James Stewart, 48-A-2109, 11632 N E Center Star Rd, Pittsurg, KS 66762
  5. Daniel Gingerich, 43-A-6014, 1809 Audrain Rd 173, Clark, MO 65243
  6. Kim Ireland, 43-A-6185, 1970 Hwy KK, Pleasant Hope, MO 65725
  7. Bill Harvill, 43-A-6226, 9743 Walleye Rd, Stark City, MO 64866
  8. Sue Shold, 42-A-1299, 10491 490th St, Albert City, IA 50510 / Patrick Fulton, 603 S Broadway, Alden, MO 56009, 41-B-0262
  9. John Miller, 43-A-6036, 6012 Hwy K, Sturgeon, MO 65284
  10. Dustin Westercamp, 42-A-1396, 1106 Hwy 2, Farmington, IA 52526 / Hooves & Paws
  11. Rebecca Eiler, 48-A-2176, Creekside Kennel, 725 BB Lane, Oberlin, KS 67749
  12. Charles Feldman, 43-A-1704, 27070 S 1625 Rd, Sheldon, MO 64784
  13. Elmer Troyer, 43-A-5917, 10038 Hwy Y, Clark, MO 65243
  14. Melissa Klocke, 43-A-5961, 27915 State Hwy North, Ewing, MO 63440
  15. Shelli Kershner, 48-B-0031, Walnut Creek Kennel, 2440 Ave R, Rush Center, KS 64575
    Kershner’s 2011 USDA violations included tubs of feces near kennels, fecal accumulation under cages, and a dog with a cloudy eye. Her 2013 violations included brown teeth, bloody and red gums, long toe nails, inadequate space, flies, holes dug by dogs under fenching, and rodent holes under wooden platform. In 2005, the State of Kansas seized 60 of Kershner’s dogs because of insufficient food and water.
  1. Freda Horton, 71-A-0806, 104 County Road, Green Forest, AR 72638 / SanJon
  2. Scott Harper, 43-B-3772, PO Box #4, Caulfield, MO 65626
  3. Scotty & Ashley Harper, 43-B-3772, Precious Pups, 502 US Hwy 160, Caulfield, MO 65262
  4. Kelli Hynes, 43-B-0346, 265 220th Ave, Hays, KS 67601
  5. Linda Crane, 43-A-3362, Cranes Red Dog Kennel, 5449 Hwy 17, Eunice, MO 65468 / Jason Wallander, 21815 Grassy Rd, Summersville, MO 65571, 43-B-3749
  6. Carla Steffensmeir, 42-A-1368, T&C Steffensmeir Kennels, 2293 St. Paul Rd, West Point, IA 52656
  7. Lynn Davis, 43-A-6145, 1352 County Road, Hunstville, MO 65259 / Debbie Hubbard
  8. Benjamin Borntrager, 43-A-6081, 1408 Audrain Rd 175, Clark, MO 65243
  9. D&S Rottinghaus, 48-A-2174, 1122 128th Rd, Seneca, KS 66538
    Rottinghaus’ 2012 violations included many dogs with dental issues, sharp points on cages, rusty food receptacles, and sharp edges on food receptacles.
  1. Jenny Gabel, 43-B-3705, Gone To Dogs Kennel, 21301 County Rd 8500, Newburg, 65550
  2. Brit & Jesse Hedgpath, 43-A-5832, 81 Hwy U, Iberia, MO 65486
  3. Erma Bontrager, 32-A-0503, 2084 West 1150 North, Rome City, IN 46784 / Hooves & Paws
  4. Valente B Rios, 43-A-5652, 102 GB Fisher St, Galt, MO 63942
  5. Anna Harris, 43-A-6007, Rt 9 Box 1310, Gatewood, MO 63942
  6. Shonda Madison, 43-A-6095, 5588 Lawrence 2200, Pierce City, MO 65723
    Madison’s 2012 USDA violations included insufficient bedding, outdoor housing facilities not impervious to moisture. Her 2013 violations included a high level of ammonia. Violations in 2015 included no wind/rain breaks and insufficient bedding.
  1. David (and Esther) Troyer, 43-A-3085, 2395 Audrain Rd 154, Clark, MO 65243
    Troyers’ USDA violations from 2012 – 2014 included hair and grime, fecal accumulation, matted faces, dirty self-feeders, expired medications, build-up on teeth, leg lesions and medications not labeled for dogs.


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