Breeder: Crick, Barb
Business name: Crick’s Kennels
Address: 46785 828th Rd
City, State Zip: Burwell, NE 68823
Year: 2010
USDA License: 47-A-0426
Date of CAPS Investigation: 2010-12-10

On the premises at the time of investigation: approximately 100+ dogs

Breeds: Beagles, Shih Tzus, Poodles, St. Bernards, Newfoundlands, Shiba Inus, Boxers, Maltese, Black Labradors, and Golden Retrievers.

The temperature at the time of investigation was 38 degrees and the sky was cloudy.

This is the third time I visited the property. The owner, Barb Crick, is in her 60s, lives alone, and has no employees. The first two times I went there, I didn’t get the footage I wanted.

The property was surrounded by trash piles (3.1(b)-Housing facilities, general).

Building Type #1:
The first enclosure was a mobile home made into cages. The cages were attached to the sides of the mobile home and were raised about three feet off the ground. They were about 3 feet long by 3 feet wide and housed two to three dogs per cage. These cages were completely covered by tarps and trash bags cut in half. The dogs had no light or bedding (3.4(b)(1)(2)(3)(4)-Outdoor housing facilities).

The area was located in the backside of the trailer where the dogs cannot be seen at all from anywhere on the property but the road. The tarps were supposed to keep the wind, rain, and snow from getting into the cages. Since the corners of the tarps were not sealed and the trash bags did not go all the way to the ground, the dogs were still exposed to the elements (3.4(b)(1)(2)(3)(4)-Outdoor housing facilities).

The cages and the ground underneath were covered in feces and there was a strong, repugnant smell coming from them (3.11(a)-Cleaning, sanitization, housekeeping, and pest control).

Building Type #2:
Walking towards the house, I could see the back of the property. There was a large barn to the right of the house with a horse inside.

To the left of the house was another building that had a row of kennels housing St. Bernards and Newfoundlands. Ms. Crick did not answer the door so I walked over to the trailer kennel to see if she was inside. Outside the door, adult dogs came out and started barking. I could hear many puppies crying from inside the trailer. There was a row of raised cages on this side of this mobile home as well. All the cages had feces in them (3.11(a)-Cleaning, sanitization, housekeeping, and pest control).

Building Type #3:
There was a row of chain-link kennels outside, to the right of the trailer. They were approximately 6 feet long by 6 feet wide with dirt floors. The kennels had metal roofs and housed one to two Golden Retrievers. These kennels only had cheap, plastic dog houses in them, with no heat or air conditioning (3.1(d)-Housing facilities, general). The kennels also had feces and the dogs didn’t have water. (3.11(a)-Cleaning, sanitization, house-keeping, and pest control) (3.10-Watering).

One of the kennels had two Cocker Spaniels with matted fur on the ears, legs, and feet (2.40(b)(2)-Attending veterinarian and adequate veterinary care).

Building Type #4:
There was another row of chain-link kennels with a barn across the driveway from the trailer. These kennels held St. Bernards, Newfoundlands, what appeared to be a Black Lab, and a Golden Retriever. The outside kennels were about 4 feet long by 6 feet wide with concrete floors. All the dogs had matted fur (2.40(B)(2)(3)-Attending veterinarian and adequate veterinary care).

The dogs appeared to have severe diarrhea, which accumulated on the floor (2.40(a)(1)(b)(2)-Attending veterinarian and adequate veterinary care)(3.11(a)-Cleaning, sanitization, housekeeping, and pest control)

The bowls of water were iced over (3.10-Watering).

The flaps that covered the entrance to the inside barn were filthy with dirt, hair, and feces. (3.11(b)(3)(iii)-Cleaning, sanitization, housekeeping, and pest control).

While I was looking at the large kennels, Ms. Crick came out of her house. I asked her about the puppies she had shown me back in November 2010. She had mentioned they would be ready to sell by December 2, 2010. When I asked if she still had them, she informed me that the one puppy died and the other was sold to a broker.

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