Breeder: Linda Crane
Address: 5449 MO-17
City, State, Zip: Eunice, MO 65468
USDA License: 43-A-3362

Date and time of CAPS Investigation: 7/18/20; 1422

Weather at time of investigation: 92°F and sunny

Approximate number of dogs observed at time of investigation: six (likely not all dogs on the property were observed)

Breeds: French Bulldogs

Several kennel structures were on the northern end of the property, behind a house. The southern kennel area consisted of several outdoor wire pens, the westernmost of which was visible to me, but from which I didn’t see or hear any dogs in. I also heard no other dogs pen in the area, even as a man (middle-aged, heavy-set, Caucasian male) walked around the area.

North of this area was a kennel building with two rows of about six indoor/outdoor wire cages, one set over the other. Each cage on the bottom row was about three feet wide and five feet long, with the bottom row set on a concrete flooring. Cages on the top were shorter in length, with plastic sheets under them to catch debris. I only closely observed the western side of the building, seeing dogs come and go through the doggie-doors of the three southern bottom cages, and didn’t see them in any other cages. Each occupied cage had two French Bulldogs.

Just north of the building was another kennel building on which I saw several indoor/outdoor cages on the northern side, but didn’t see or hear any dogs in them. I saw the top westernmost cage had what appeared to be tarp and netting stuffed inside of it.

Breeder is connected to the following stores and broker:

  1. Petland Orlando South (CVI 2017)
  2. All Pets Club Branford (investigation)
  3. Select Puppies (CVI 2020)

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