Breeder: Jeff Conger
Address: 5097 Highway W
City, State Zip: Mountain Grove, MO 65711
Year: 2015
USDA License: 43-B-3588
Date of CAPS Investigation: 03/17/15

I spoke to a woman who identified herself as Jeff Conger’s wife (Caucasian female, about 40 years old, 5’8”, 150 lbs., with long brown hair and glasses). Mrs. Conger spoke to me at length about the Congers’ business of breeding dogs, as well as selling their puppies and other breeders’ puppies to their “steady market” in New York City. She said that their kennel is located on another property in another town and not at the residence at which we had this conversation.

Statements made by Mrs. Conger that contradict pet store claims
I asked Mrs. Conger, “Do you have to deal with the pet stores sending people out to go through your place and all stuff?” She responded, “No. They just look at our inspection records.” This statement contradicts the claim by Bob’s Tropical Pet Center (Queens, NY) that they visit their breeders once a year.

I also asked Mrs. Conger, “The other thing I heard is that some of the pet stores in New York will only buy from you if you skip every other breeding cycle. Is that true, or not?” She said that they do skip breeding cycles of some dogs, but added, “Some of them we don’t skip.” This contradicts the statement by Shake-A-Paw (Hicksville, NY) that their breeders only breed dogs once every three years.

Mrs. Conger said that her puppies are driven to NYC in cages in a van. She mentioned some of the problems they face in the transportation process, saying, “We’ve had dogs that will bite the cages, and their jaw will get caught, or their foot will get stuck in something. It’s crazy what can happen.”

Website for King James Kennel and Waggin Wheels Transportation:
The website states they also have a pet shop in Cabool.

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