Breeder: Clinton Michel
Business Name: Ironbridge Road Farm
Address: 16909 Merchant Dr
City, State, Zip: Long Lane, MO 65590
USDA License: 43-A-3817
Date of CAPS Investigation: 8/14/18
Time of CAPS Investigation: 14:26
Weather at time of investigation: 73°F and sunny

There were at least three kennel structures on the property. Two had elevated indoor/outdoor cages, the outside portions visible as treated wire cages on their east and west sides. There were five cages per row, containing one to two adult dogs or whelping mothers and puppies. Breeds observed were Keeshonds, Airedale Terriers, and Schnauzers. Mildew and brown stains covered plastic sheeting on the outside building walls below the cages. Schnauzers and an Airedale Terrier were pacing and circling repeatedly in their outdoor cages. A row of about a dozen outdoor pens made with wire walls was lined up running east and west on the western end of the kennel. One to two American Eskimos were in several of the pens. Metal doggie-doors allowed access to the inside of a metal building to which the pens were attached.

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