Breeder: Kelly Chandler and Dwayne Prentice
Address: 12740 SW 170th St
City, State, Zip: Rose Hill, KS 67133
USDA License: None found

Date and time of CAPS investigation: 6/3/21, 1241

Weather at time of investigation: 78°F and sunny

Approximate number of dogs and puppies observed at time of investigation: seven, though it is possible not all were visible to me

Breeds: German Shepherds

The facility had about eight outdoor runs on the northwest side of the property that were lined up against the western fence line. Pens were about 20 feet wide and 30 feet long, with dirt flooring and chain link walls. The northern pens were attached to a play yard, about the size of three pens, to the east of them.

Individual pens had German Shepherds in them, with two being visible in each of two pens to me, and another having one Shepherd in it. The pens had metal structures on their western sides, with metal walls on side and metal roofs, created open shelters for shade. Underneath each were wooden porches, on which sat two plastic igloo-style dog houses lacking wind breaks (3.4 (b)(3) Shelter from the elements), metal and plastic food dishes, and plastic water buckets. Mud and smeared feces covered the wooden porches’ floorings (3.1 (c)(2) Maintenance and replacement of surfaces), and dirt covered the outside of the food and water dishes (3.1 (c)(2) Maintenance and replacement of surfaces).

Plastic tubs, about four feet long, two feet wide, and a foot tall, were placed upside-down on the western side of pens, so the bottoms of them could be stepped onto and dogs could lay on them. However, the tops were covered dirt, twigs, and leaves. Wooden beams were placed at the floorings of chain link walls between pens, with wooden stakes set up against them. The tops of the stakes were chewed and worn (3.1 (c)(2) Maintenance and replacement of surfaces).

Some pens had tall grass at their western ends, growing up to three feet tall near the fence line (3.1 (b) Condition and site). 

This kennel sells to Petland but has no USDA license. Given that there were likely more dogs on the property than the ones I observed, and that likely more than four of them are breeding females, the facility would require a USDA license to sell to pet stores (2133 Licensing of dealers and exhibitors).

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