Breeder: Darlene Chalfant
Kennel Name: Cisco Puppy Ranch
Address: 1031 Cisco Rd
City, State, Zip: Idabel, OK 74745
USDA License: 73-A-2680

Date of CAPS Investigation: 6/15/22

Time of CAPS Investigation: 2230

Weather at time of investigation: 85°F

The kennel area had a row of about a dozen outdoor dog pens on the west side of the property, and at least half a dozen raised dog cages between the pens and the residence. The raised cages were on stilts, with wooden dog houses attached to them. No exercise yard was visible on the property, nor was there a fence on the property that could contain dogs in it.

The property was documented with a thermal imager, revealing one dog sleeping in a wire cage of a raised enclosure, but other dogs were not visible. Four loose dogs on the property ran off of the property into the street as I documented the kennel, thus revealing there was no way to contain animals let loose from enclosures. This also told me that there is no area for dogs to exercise outside of their enclosures (3.8 Exercise for dogs).

Evidence contradicting pet store claims:

The kennel sells to Southpaw Puppies in Neosho, Missouri, a broker that sells puppies to Petland of Wichita West. During my investigation of that store on 8/13/21, an employee claimed the store doesn’t use puppy mills. The store had a video playing on repeat of dogs and puppies running grassy yards. When I asked for information on a particular breeder for a puppy, the employee showed me a kennel with pictures of dogs in large yards.

On 8/15/21, I visited the Petland Topeka store, and saw the store had folders of information about Petland puppies available for customers to review. Inside were photos of Petland breeders’ facilities with dogs in large yards.

Chalfant’s facility has no exercise yard for dogs as Petland of Wichita West and Petland Topeka show in their videos and breeder information. Dogs being kept entirely in cages and outdoor pens contradicts the Petland stores’ representation of breeders as having dogs and puppies running free.

Breeder is connected to the following brokers through 2021 Certificates of Veterinary Inspection

Select Puppies, West Point, IA, 42-B-0314 (sells to Petland Topeka)

Southpaw Puppies, Neosho, MO, 43-B-3812 (sells to Petland of Wichita West)

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