Carmona Petshop
4600 Bergenline Ave #1
Union City, NJ 07087
(201) 617-7862

Date and time of CAPS investigation: 8/4/19; 1654

Approximate number of puppies observed at time of investigation: 3

Four puppies, each kept in a separate wire cages, two stacked on a third with plastic trays under their floorings, were by an outer window of the store. USDA reports for the puppies’ breeders and the broker the store uses were taped to the window. One employee (Hispanic male, about 20 years old, 5’8″, 150 lbs, with short black hair, a baseball cap on backwards, and a cross ear ring on his right ear) confirmed puppies are from “granjas de cachorros,” which translates to puppy farms and is a common translation for “puppy mills.” However, he said he doesn’t know anything about the breeder conditions, and said I should call his brother Jorgito, who is the store owner, to ask questions about breeders. 

The store also had two rabbits for sale in the store, kept in a cage on the floor, who the employee told me were bred by locals in NJ.

Breeder info:

The following were obtained from USDA inspection reports posted by puppies’ cages:

  1. Myron J Yoder; Naomi R Yoder, 2130 TR 122, Millersburg, OH 44654, 31-A-0104
  2. Danny Hostetler, 19810 Frasher Rd, Butler, OH 44822, 31-A-0414
  3. “Broker of the puppies”: Michael S Kauffman Jr, 31 Quigley Rd, Newburg, PA 17240, 23-B-0148

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