Federal Court Dismisses NYPWA Legal Attack Against Ordinance 55


Who: Companion Animal Protection Society (CAPS)
Where: New York, NY
When: October 30, 2015
What: A Federal Court in New York dismissed a legal attack by the New York Pet Welfare Association aimed at repealing NYC’s pet ordinances.

New York, NY, October 30, 2015 – Judge John Gleeson dismissed the New York Pet Welfare Association’s legal attack on the New York City pet ordinances in the US District Court for the Eastern District of New York. Despite the relentless smear campaign mounted by the pet industry and the NYPWA against everyone involved in enacting the ordinances, including the Companion Animal Protection Society (CAPS), the ordinances, including Ordinance 55 that bans the use of brokers by pet shops, can now be enacted.

CAPS remained an important and involved player in backing and defending the ordinances. From the beginning, CAPS supplied crucial evidence against brokers, breeders, pet shops and associations that clearly supported the pet shop – puppy mill cycle. CAPS’ numerous pet shop and puppy mill investigations, including shocking undercover video, a wealth of experience in assisting with similar ordinances across the country, and federal constitutional law expertise (CAPS filed an amicus curiae brief in support of New York City) all contributed to the passage and upholding of the ordinances.  New York City citizens will now be able to move forward and continue to make a firm stance against pet shops and the puppy (and kitten) mills that supply them.

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