CAPS and France Join Forces to Help Death Row Dogs


By: Carole Raphaelle Davis

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Welcome Miss Tinkerbelle, the latest Riviera Rescue by CAPS, Santa Cruz SPCA and Societe Defense des Animaux in Nice! If you would like to donate the $112 for the freedom ride from the Pound to Provence, click here:;view=donation&Itemid=367Excerpt:

TinkerbelleMiss Tinkerbelle is the latest California death row dog to be rescued by CAPS, Santa Cruz SPCA and Societé Défense des Animaux! Miss Tinkerbelle weighs just four pounds and is a beautiful young Chihuahua lady. She is currently being vaccinated, micro-chipped and quarantined for her flight to freedom in France…for a LIFE in Provence! Isn’t she adorable? And to think that she was dumped in the pound and was going to be euthanized. Now she is safe, thanks to generous donations from people like you. In less than 30 days, she will be packin’ her bags and flying to the Riviera, where she will learn to bark in French.

If you would like to donate to fly a dog to safety in France, please go to the CAPS website and make a donation!

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