NBC Los Angeles’ Website Featuring CAPS PSA for Clear the Shelters Week

Adopt A Cat: Help Stop Pet Shops and Kittens Mills is Airing on TV Stations Around the Country

The 30-second version of CAPS’ PSA Adopt a Cat: Help Stop Pet Shops and Kitten Mills is airing or will be airing on TV stations around the country, including those in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Philadelphia and Baltimore.

NBC Los Angeles’ website is featuring the PSA  for Clear the Shelters Week.

Each year, almost 900,000 cats are euthanized in shelters across the United States. At the same time, inhumane kitten mills churn out thousands of pure-bred kittens a year to be sold in pet shops and online.

Please don’t support kitten mills by purchasing a cat at a pet shop or over the internet. Save a life by adopting a cat or kitten.

List of PSA airings:

  1. LATV – Los Angeles, CA
  2. KXLA-TV – Los Angeles, CA
  3. KVMD-TV – Los Angeles, CA
  4. KMIR-TV – Palm Springs, CA (NBC)
  5. KPSE-TV – Palm Springs, CA
  6. KGO-TV – San Francisco, CA (ABC)
  7. KPIX-TV – San Francisco, CA (CBS)
  8. WNHO-TV-Lima, OH
  9. WTLW-TV – Lima, OH
  10. WABM-TV – Birmingham, AL
  11. WBMA-TV – Birmingham, AL
  12. WTTO-TV – Birmingham, AL
  13. WTXF-TV – Philadelphia, PA (FOX)
  14. PETS.TV (Nationally syndicated show)
  15. WBFF-TV – Baltimore, MD (FOX)
  16. WNUV-TV – Baltimore, MD (CW)
  17. TUFF TV – national cable station
  18. KMCI-TV – Kansas City, MO (FOX)
  19. WHPM-TV – Hattiesburg, MS

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