CAPS 2021 Efforts and Accomplishments Video


With the effects of the pandemic still weighing on all of us, 2021 has been another challenging year. Thankfully, with the generous support of our donors, CAPS has been able to weather the storm and keep fighting against pet shops and puppy mills, scoring major victories this year.

Our undercover investigators went into 25 pet shops across the country. They also recorded hours of undercover video at hard-to-infiltrate USDA-licensed and unlicensed puppy mills in the Midwest. CAPS also worked on legislation in New York, Florida, and elsewhere, aimed at keeping mill-bred animals out of pet shops. Plus, this year we launched eight in-depth video exposés to educate lawmakers and the public. These efforts and victories, made possible by your support, are just a sample of what CAPS has accomplished in 2021. Please keep reading to learn more about the powerful achievements your donations have been generating. Read our full 2021 Efforts and Accomplishments blog here.

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