Breeder: Roger and Marla Campbell
Kennel name: Iris Lane Kennel
Address: 266 90th Rte
City, State, Zip: Newton, KS 67114
USDA License: 48-A-1549

Date and time of CAPS Investigation: 6/1/21, 1154; 6/2/21, 1112

Weather at time of investigation: 69°F and partly cloudy, 71°F and partly cloudy

Approximate number of dogs and puppies observed at time of investigation: four dogs (not all dogs on property observed at the time of investigation)

Breeds: Boston Terriers, Dachshund, Shih Tzu

On 6/1/21, I went to the property of Roger and Marla Campbell at 266 90th Rd, Newton, KS 67114, but nobody answered the door at the residence. From the driveway, I could see a building that was about 12’ wide and long, with four outdoor cages made of treated wire visible on the building’s side facing me. The cages were raised about a foot above the ground, with doggie-doors in them to allow access inside the building. Each cage was about a foot tall and wide and 1.5 feet long. A Boston Terrier was visible in one cage, and a dog, which appeared to be a Dachshund, was visible in another. Dogs were audible barking in the back yard behind the residence, but were out of view to me.

On 6/2/21, I was able to see more kennel areas on the property. North of the one visible yesterday was a building with four raised cages made of treated wire facing east, and an area about 40’ side and long at the north end of the property that had a galvanized wire fence around it, black netting over it, and a variety of chain link and galvanized wire-walled pens inside. I couldn’t see directly into the pens through the fencing, thought it was clear there were several rows of pens with chain link doors in the area, resembling dog runs.

The wire cages facing east were attached to a metal building about twice the size of the one I saw yesterday. The cages were raised about three feet above the ground, and each cage was about a foot wide and tall and 1.5 feet long, and had doggie-doors allowing access to enclosures inside the building. A dog, which appeared to be a Boston Terrier, was visible in one of the cages, and a dog, which appeared to be a Shih Tzu, was visible in another.

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