Breeder: Danny and Tina Boyd
Business name: Stones Prairie Puppies
Address: 16153 Lawrence 1125
City, State, Zip: Mt. Vernon, MO 65712
USDA License: 43-A-6127
Date and time of CAPS Investigation: 11/11/22, 1117

Weather at time of investigation: 38°F and partly cloudy

The kennel had several rows of dogs pens around a barn, with all dogs blocked from line of sight. There were three rows of outdoor chain link pens, each containing about a dozen pens, and a fourth row of about six pens. I could hear dogs in the kennel but saw none in the shorter row of pens. The longer rows had metal walls about six feet tall surrounding the chainlink pens so that the dogs inside could not be seen, and the dogs could not see the ground outside.

The breeder’s facebook page notes that they breed Corgis, and all pictures of the dogs and puppies are in a grassy yard instead of the outdoor kennel that dogs actually live in.

Breeder sells to the following pet shops recently investigated by CAPS:

  1. Forever Love Puppies/Blue Sky Puppies, 409 W Hallendale Beach Blvd, Hallendale Beach, FL 33009

Breeder sells puppies online through the following website:


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