Breeder: Harry and Wanda Bonham
Address: 100 County Rd 6740
City, State Zip: Pottersville, MO 65790
Year: 2015
USDA License: 43-A-4436
Date of CAPS Investigation: 04/27/15

Approximate number of dogs observed at time of investigation: none observed.

Breeds: Boston Terriers, French Bulldogs, Soft-coated Wheaten Terriers, Huskies, Beagles

I met Harry (Caucasian male, about 65 years old, 6’00”, 225 lbs., with short white hair, a white moustache, and glasses), when he was in his truck outside of his property. He told me that he was going to pick up his daughter from a school bus stop, and that I should follow him there to talk to him.

Harry declined to say how many dogs he has, but mentioned his breeds. He said he has bred for 11 years and sells his puppies to a broker. Harry also said that he breeds his dogs every cycle. When I asked him about how he medicates his dogs, he couldn’t remember the name of the vaccine he gives them, and said that if he can’t “clear” a dog with the medicine Marquis (given for coccidia but originally developed for EPM, a neurological diseases in horses that is spread by other animal species), he gives the dogs “Sulfamathiazole.” I believe, he meant Sulfathiazole, a sulfa-based antibiotic.

Harry said that three years ago he “blew up” on his USDA inspector. He said that since then his inspector has changed, and added, “I’ve not had a mark on me, I don’t think, in two years.”

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