photo_2 (3)Life is good! When I’m not working tirelessly to create awareness about pet shops and puppy mills, I’m sunbathing in my beautiful garden or relaxing in one of my multiple beds. The best part about summer days in the Howard household is all the vegan baking and cooking. Even if I can’t eat all of Mother’s tasty creations, I can help clean delicious, dirty bowls! This week, Mother made a peach bundt coffee cake with juicy peach chunks and a cinnamon filling. This fruity version of the traditional cake will have all your friends and family begging for more. Enjoy! Continue reading

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Posing next to MY campaign ad at the Nantasket Junction MBTA station.

It’s been a while since I last posted a recipe. My life has been quite busy! My beautiful ads are currently displayed in MBTA commuter trains and at 20 Boston area stations, my PSA is about to air in the Sundance Channel, and Mother keeps traveling all over Massachusetts to take pictures of me posing next to my pawsome ads. Today, I finally have the time to sit down and go over my collection of delicious vegan recipes. I think you’re all going to enjoy this healthy, PINK version of the classic Pop-Tarts! I love sweet and fruity flavors, especially during the spring! Continue reading

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Why yes, you can have my pawtograph!

On April 30, 2014, CAPS held a cocktail party at the Seaport Hotel and World Trade Center to celebrate the launch of our “Models Against Pet Shops and Puppy Mills” ad campaign in all of the MBTA commuter trains and at 20 stations in Boston. Even though I had to share the spotlight with ALL of my bratty brothers (Spencer, Wylie, and Oliver), that didn’t stop me from being CAPS’ fabulous spokesmodel. I had so much fun! Hopefully, Mother will be organizing more cocktail parties in the near future.

These days, I don’t get to attend many events. Don’t get me wrong, I love going out and having a fun time, but being blind and having deformed elbows can make parties a little bit challenging. When Mother told me I would be attending as a special celebrity guest, I was ecstatic. I knew people would be lining up from all over Massachusetts to take pictures with moi! I’m the STAR of the campaign, after all! I decided to wear my beautiful collar, flower clip, and leash from Wagologie and be the belle of the ball.

Photo by: Christopher Evans

Photo by: Christopher Evans

Obviously, everybody loved me (and why wouldn’t they?)! The moment I placed my pawdicured paws in the hotel’s lobby, hotel guests and employees wanted to find out about the gorgeous Basset with sparkling pink accessories. When I wasn’t handing out business cards, I was getting neck scratches, belly rubs, and an endless array of compliments. My favorite part of the evening was getting my picture taken with radio personalities Loren and Wally from WROR-FM’s “Boston’s Classic Hits,” Jaclyn Cashman from the Boston Herald, and Susan Wornick, former anchor of WCVB-TV’s “NewsCenter 5 Midday.” The Boston Herald sent their very own photographer to capture the event, and I was part of a photo shoot with Jaclyn. My bratty brother Spencer, the CAPS canine donation specialist, also posed with the columnist/radio host (and gave her plenty of kisses), but MY picture made it to newsstands all over Massachusetts the very next day (take that, Spencer!).


I wanted to eat all the delicious vegan food!

I had a busy night sharing celebrity tips with the night’s special guests, drinking water from silver bowls, and getting belly rubs from the pawmazing people behind Mass. Coalition to End Puppy Mills (what a cool group of dedicated women!). I couldn’t help but wag my tail every time I heard about my soft and shinny coat (I ONLY use John Paul Pet’s products) and my sweet personality. Because of my limited mobility, I had to stay in a room away from all the tables and traffic, but that didn’t stop people from dropping by and saying hi. I was surrounded by animal lovers for more than three hours! What more could I ask for? Music and delicious vegan food, of course! For starters, party goers were treated to a selection of artisan crafted breads (grilled flat breads, pita, naan bread, and grissini) and an assortment of custom vegan spreads (hummus, white bean spread, roasted red pepper salsa, and flavored olive oil). YUM! The hotel’s pawmazing staff also served stuffed grape leaves, steamed edamame, mushroom dumplings, vegan camponatas stars, spring rolls, and (drumroll please) PASTA MARTINIS (penne with unfiltered olive oil and fresh herbs served in a slant-stem martini glass with toasted croustade). Complimenting this wooflicious menu were the jazzy beats of the trio, So Distinct. Mother even sang a few songs herself, stealing my spotlight for a little bit – but I forgive her. She is the president of the organization, after all!

If you see CAPS' campaign ad in an MBTA commuter train or at a station, take a picture and get a free mug!

If you see CAPS’ campaign ad in an MBTA commuter train or at a station, take a picture, send it to us, and get a free mug!

As a puppy mill survivor, it was an honor to see so many individuals support CAPS’ ad campaign. Who would’ve thought that a Basset Hound born with deformed elbows in a commercial breeding facility would someday pose with beautiful models in an effort to educate audiences nationwide about the pet shop – puppy mill connection? If my biological mother and grandmother were still alive, they’d be so proud of me! Our commuter train ads and billboards have made it to New York, New Jersey, Illinois, California, Connecticut, Florida and now Massachusetts. Magazines have also donated ad space. In addition, ads have also appeared in articles from publications such as, The Boston Globe, and International Business Times. Unfortunately, there are pet shops and Internet businesses still selling puppy mill dogs all over the country. My work isn’t over. Please support my campaign by sharing CAPS’ PSA “This is the Face of a Puppy Mill Dog” (currently airing on USA Network and other cable stations) and donating to our cause. The more people we reach, the sooner we can put an end to the vicious cycle.

Don’t forget to check out my event pictures!

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253685_558080190889272_1446140500_nThe Bratty Brothers are not exactly my favorite people in the world, but they’re family (sometimes, that’s all that matters). Yesterday, we celebrated Oliver’s one year adoption anniversary. Even though my newest BB is always trying to steal MY spotlight (in fact, his photo with Mother was chosen by South Shore Living magazine to be in the March issue about influential women), I’m glad he made it to the Howard household. I remember the day Mother saw his picture posted by Spalding County Animal Shelter on Facebook; it was love at first sight. The three-year-old Australian Cattle Dog and Redtick Coonhound mix stray, formerly known as Bard, completed heartworm treatment, has been neutered, and gained 8 lbs. He is currently taking positive reinforcement clicker training lessons to overcome fear aggression. Poor guy is afraid of some dogs, especially those off-leash, because he had to survive on the streets of Griffin, GA, where he was attacked by other dogs (he has scars on his face). I’m not saying I’m giving up my royal seat (or orthopedic dog bed) to my rambunctious sibling, but I’m willing to ask Mother to make one of Oliver’s favorite recipes: sweet potato tots. Not only are they vegan, but they’re low fat too! Continue reading

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People often ask me how I stay fit and beautiful while helping myself to mouth-watering dishes. Besides going to physical therapy to tone and strengthen my muscles, I follow a vegan diet without harmful fats and cholesterol. Obviously, I can’t eat certain foods like garlic and onions, but I’ll share this recipe with you so you can enjoy a delicious and cruelty-free meal and celebrate the arrival of such a beautiful season! Warm weather gives you the perfect excuse to prepare cool and light meals straight from your refrigerator! Continue reading

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Last weekend, my human sister Ashley told Mother about a vegan sushi restaurant in NYC called Beyond Sushi. I LOVE vegan sushi. Ever since I posted the restaurant’s Facebook page, I’ve been craving the tiny, delicious seaweed wraps. To my surprise, Rawmazing’s website has a tasty-looking recipe that uses portobello mushrooms instead of raw fish. There are certain ingredients (like soy sauce) that aren’t very healthy for canine or feline companions, but I’d be happy with a plain veggie roll! The best part is that the recipe replaces cooked rice with sprouting kamut, a grain full of filling and wholesome protein. Sounds like a great dish to try out in the Howard household! Continue reading

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photo (25)I thought for sure that South Shore Living had chosen me to be one of the 10 most influential women on the South Shore of Boston. I was able to live with the fact that the magazine had chosen Mother because she and I posed for photos together for the article. She also posed with the Bratty Brothers (Spencer, Wylie, and Oliver), but being that I was quite the consummate professional and they acted like brats, I was positive that the magazine was going to feature the photo of Mother and me posing on an overturned rowboat. To my dismay, the magazine used a photograph of Mother sitting with Oliver (Wylie is below them, but you can’t see much of him). Oliver is very prominent in the photo.  How could this have happened? Continue reading

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photo(23)Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
I am pawsome,
And so are you!

I LOVE Valentine’s Day! Not only do I get to wear pink all day, but I also get to eat yummy treats (preferably pink and shaped like hearts) and select a special Valentine from my 2,100+ social media fans. This past week has been tough, especially with all the tests I had to undergo at the vet’s office. I deserve a little TLC after all that blood work! You guys know me, though. An appointment with the veterinarian will never dampen my mood. Because of this, I started the celebration two days early by spending the night away from the Bratty Brothers. There weren’t any pawdicures where I was staying, but it’s never too late! Today, the party continues. I hope this recipe (Valentine Heart raw cookie sandwiches) inspires Mother to surprise me with her pawmazing baking skills! Enjoy! Continue reading

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I have the perfect recipe for the weekend! After asking my Facebook fans for their input, I decided to post a delicious treat that will satisfy anybody’s sweet tooth. It’s not safe for cats or dogs, but I promise we won’t mind if YOU enjoy it! Just remember not to eat all the biscotti at once! Continue reading

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I’m counting the days for Valentine’s Day! As you may know by now, I love pink and anything girly. I also love Mother’s pawmazing gift for vegan baking. If you’re looking for something sweet other than chocolate to surprise that special someone (or friend), check out this tasty recipe. Nothing says “I love you” or “You’re a great friend” like a cruelty-free macaroon. Place the confection in a pretty pink (or red) box and you’re good to go! Continue reading

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