Bea the Belle of the Ball


Why yes, you can have my pawtograph!

On April 30, 2014, CAPS held a cocktail party at the Seaport Hotel and World Trade Center to celebrate the launch of our “Models Against Pet Shops and Puppy Mills” ad campaign in all of the MBTA commuter trains and at 20 stations in Boston. Even though I had to share the spotlight with ALL of my bratty brothers (Spencer, Wylie, and Oliver), that didn’t stop me from being CAPS’ fabulous spokesmodel. I had so much fun! Hopefully, Mother will be organizing more cocktail parties in the near future.

These days, I don’t get to attend many events. Don’t get me wrong, I love going out and having a fun time, but being blind and having deformed elbows can make parties a little bit challenging. When Mother told me I would be attending as a special celebrity guest, I was ecstatic. I knew people would be lining up from all over Massachusetts to take pictures with moi! I’m the STAR of the campaign, after all! I decided to wear my beautiful collar, flower clip, and leash from Wagologie and be the belle of the ball.

Photo by: Christopher Evans

Photo by: Christopher Evans

Obviously, everybody loved me (and why wouldn’t they?)! The moment I placed my pawdicured paws in the hotel’s lobby, hotel guests and employees wanted to find out about the gorgeous Basset with sparkling pink accessories. When I wasn’t handing out business cards, I was getting neck scratches, belly rubs, and an endless array of compliments. My favorite part of the evening was getting my picture taken with radio personalities Loren and Wally from WROR-FM’s “Boston’s Classic Hits,” Jaclyn Cashman from the Boston Herald, and Susan Wornick, former anchor of WCVB-TV’s “NewsCenter 5 Midday.” The Boston Herald sent their very own photographer to capture the event, and I was part of a photo shoot with Jaclyn. My bratty brother Spencer, the CAPS canine donation specialist, also posed with the columnist/radio host (and gave her plenty of kisses), but MY picture made it to newsstands all over Massachusetts the very next day (take that, Spencer!).


I wanted to eat all the delicious vegan food!

I had a busy night sharing celebrity tips with the night’s special guests, drinking water from silver bowls, and getting belly rubs from the pawmazing people behind Mass. Coalition to End Puppy Mills (what a cool group of dedicated women!). I couldn’t help but wag my tail every time I heard about my soft and shinny coat (I ONLY use John Paul Pet’s products) and my sweet personality. Because of my limited mobility, I had to stay in a room away from all the tables and traffic, but that didn’t stop people from dropping by and saying hi. I was surrounded by animal lovers for more than three hours! What more could I ask for? Music and delicious vegan food, of course! For starters, party goers were treated to a selection of artisan crafted breads (grilled flat breads, pita, naan bread, and grissini) and an assortment of custom vegan spreads (hummus, white bean spread, roasted red pepper salsa, and flavored olive oil). YUM! The hotel’s pawmazing staff also served stuffed grape leaves, steamed edamame, mushroom dumplings, vegan camponatas stars, spring rolls, and (drumroll please) PASTA MARTINIS (penne with unfiltered olive oil and fresh herbs served in a slant-stem martini glass with toasted croustade). Complimenting this wooflicious menu were the jazzy beats of the trio, So Distinct. Mother even sang a few songs herself, stealing my spotlight for a little bit – but I forgive her. She is the president of the organization, after all!

If you see CAPS' campaign ad in an MBTA commuter train or at a station, take a picture and get a free mug!

If you see CAPS’ campaign ad in an MBTA commuter train or at a station, take a picture, send it to us, and get a free mug!

As a puppy mill survivor, it was an honor to see so many individuals support CAPS’ ad campaign. Who would’ve thought that a Basset Hound born with deformed elbows in a commercial breeding facility would someday pose with beautiful models in an effort to educate audiences nationwide about the pet shop – puppy mill connection? If my biological mother and grandmother were still alive, they’d be so proud of me! Our commuter train ads and billboards have made it to New York, New Jersey, Illinois, California, Connecticut, Florida and now Massachusetts. Magazines have also donated ad space. In addition, ads have also appeared in articles from publications such as, The Boston Globe, and International Business Times. Unfortunately, there are pet shops and Internet businesses still selling puppy mill dogs all over the country. My work isn’t over. Please support my campaign by sharing CAPS’ PSA “This is the Face of a Puppy Mill Dog” (currently airing on USA Network and other cable stations) and donating to our cause. The more people we reach, the sooner we can put an end to the vicious cycle.

Don’t forget to check out my event pictures!

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