A Spokesmodel’s Indignation

photo (25)I thought for sure that South Shore Living had chosen me to be one of the 10 most influential women on the South Shore of Boston. I was able to live with the fact that the magazine had chosen Mother because she and I posed for photos together for the article. She also posed with the Bratty Brothers (Spencer, Wylie, and Oliver), but being that I was quite the consummate professional and they acted like brats, I was positive that the magazine was going to feature the photo of Mother and me posing on an overturned rowboat. To my dismay, the magazine used a photograph of Mother sitting with Oliver (Wylie is below them, but you can’t see much of him). Oliver is very prominent in the photo.  How could this have happened?

The photo shoot took place in Cohasset at the Bellarmine Jesuit Villa House, which belongs to Boston College. It has a spectacular setting on a hill overlooking Cohasset Harbor and the entrance to the Atlantic Ocean. Even though it was windy and a mere 42 degrees, Mother, who was a child model and actress, wore a thin, sleeveless black cocktail dress. I wore one of my pretty collars with a flower.

We met Jack Foley, the pawsome photographer, and started to pose for photographs. At first, he had Mother sit on a bench. The Bratty Brothers wouldn’t sit still; it was very windy in that spot. We then moved over to an overturned rowboat near a tree. Mother and I posed on the boat for a good 30 minutes. The Bratty Brothers did their best to distract us by acting naughty. Spencer ran down the edge of the water and found a crab shell on which to chew. Wylie kept running into the sea oats. Then Spencer started rolling around on the grass on his back. I was so upset with them!

Jack asked Mother to walk halfway out on a stone jetty and pose with the Bratty Brothers. She was wearing stylish high heel ankle boots (vegan suede with bows), so she was apprehensive about holding three of them on leashes while balancing on the jetty. She and I were certain that, at any moment, they would drag her down the rocks and into the water. They behaved for about 10 minutes until Oliver saw an off-leash Labrador Retriever walking up the estate’s driveway with a group of people. Oliver charged down the jetty toward the dog. Luckily, a fight was averted because our fearless marketing specialist, JT Harding, grabbed Oliver and one of the people grabbed the Labrador. I was so embarrassed! That ended the photo shoot and an opportunity for me to pose for more photos with Mother.

I have to settle for a mere mention in the article:

“Deborah Howard lives in Cohasset with four dogs and two cats (all rescues), including the nonprofit group’s furry-faced spokesmodel, Beatrice.”

Furry-faced?? It that any way to speak of a famous celebrity and supermodel?

Just wait until South Shore Living magazine sees my Models Against Pet Shops and Puppy Mills ads on every single MBTA commuter train and at 20 train stations (two large ads at every station) in the Boston area. They’ll be sorry they didn’t choose me as one of the influential women, and they’ll regret they didn’t feature one of my photos!

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