Beatrice’s Social Media: What It Says About Her

I recently read a funny article about celebrities and what their social media accounts say about them. This particular story focused on Oprah Winfrey’s Pinterest and made fun of her rich lifestyle. I love Oprah, but I couldn’t help but giggle at the pictures and the humorous descriptions provided by blogger Tracy Clayton. In the end, the article implied that even though Oprah might be a great woman, not a lot of people can identify with her posts: Hawaiian property, expensive sneakers, and overpriced jewelry- yeah, Pinterest is full of dreams!

Enough about Oprah, though. She gets enough attention as it is! What about me? I’m a celebrity with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, AboutMe, Pinterest and YouTube accounts. For the sake of this blog entry, I’m not going into all my accounts, but you have to admit, having such an online presence says a lot about Bea! I’m a busy girl and I LOVE the Internet (and the attention of my dear fans and followers), but if you didn’t know anything about me and my work with CAPS, what would you think upon seeing my posts?

About two weeks ago, Mother took this picture of me posing next to my garden. I waited patiently during the entire winter and then some for this beautiful space to come into fruition. With hard work and some sweaty labor (I didn’t do any digging, but I provided helpful hints and opinions), we have all sorts of beautiful plants growing, including Salvia, Penstemon, and Gaura.
Conclusion: Beatrice loves nature and beautiful flowers. She’s a feminine girl in touch with Mother Nature. She also loves sunbathing in flower beds (probably something the person who planted the flowers might cringe at) and taking pictures to later post to her fans’ delight.

Every week, I like posting delicious and healthy recipes on my blog (which I later share on other accounts, like Twitter). When I tweet the words “I just posted a new recipe,” people KNOW they should brace themselves for mouth-watering delights. My most recent dish was an array of Hazelnut Currant Cream Scones originally from Bob’s Red Mill (with vegan sour cream). Mother loves new ideas and I love cleaning up after she bakes (she makes sure nothing is toxic, of course). There’s something refined about scones- I can almost picture myself enjoying a tea party next to Queen Elizabeth II and educating her about the benefits of a vegan diet while she goes on and on about how she can’t believe there are no animal byproducts in my scones. I wonder if that can be arranged… I’ve never been to England, after all!

Conclusion: Beatrice loves scones. She also loves healthy and cruelty-free recipes. As a vegan spokesdog and a spokesmodel for the Companion Animal Protection Society, it’s important that people understand how loving animals goes beyond puppy mills, it includes not eating other animals as well. She thinks of herself as a tasteful gal who wouldn’t mind meeting famous people (including nobility) to discuss important issues such as puppy mills and animal cruelty in factory farms.

Talking about royalty, one of my favorite Pinterest posts is a picture of a sparkling, pink tiara. I have an entire pin board dedicated to pink pictures. If I could remodel my home, I’d make EVERYTHING pink: tastefully pink, nothing Kitsch or gaudy. As a spokesmodel for CAPS and a puppy mill survivor, I sometimes wish I could wear a pretty crown and enjoy a lavish lifestyle- just because I deserve it. I like to think of my Pinterest account as a bulletin board of ideas for the day I appear on a talk show and make headlines. Maybe then, I can bask (or bark) in glory and get a tiara made of Swarovski crystals.

Conclusion: Beatrice LOVES pink. She’s a girly girl with an agenda: to end puppy mills and educate the masses by becoming a celebrity. She’s come this far in life and if she wants a pink tiara, there’s no stopping her.

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