Bea’s Christmas Wish

Dear Santa,
I know I’m a pretty lucky girl. I was adopted by a family who makes sure, ever since the first day I came home, that I have everything I need, including veterinary care for my glaucoma, heart, and deformed elbows. I have two feline brothers whom I adore and two canine, bratty brothers who drive me crazy but keep me company in the good and the bad times. I have a human mother who works day and night to make sure other dogs don’t suffer in puppy mills like I did in those first few months of life. I’m also the spokesmodel for the Companion Animal Protection Society and my job, which consists of creating awareness about animal cruelty in commercial breeding facilities, is my true passion in life. There’s not much I want when it comes to the material world. Why should I? But when it comes to helping Mother and CAPS stop puppy mills and pet shops, there’s so much I still need to do!

I don’t need good looks because I’m already gorgeous. I don’t need a bigger home because I already have plenty of beds and blankets for my beauty sleep. I don’t need electronics or the latest in dog fashion, although I wouldn’t mind a nice pawdicure. I don’t need expensive gifts or trendy toys. And, even though Mother’s vegan treats are delicious, I’d put those aside if it meant getting my one true wish. There’s only ONE thing I really, really, really want and that is to become a celebrity. It might seem like a weird petition, maybe even superficial, but hear me out! If I were invited as a guest to a talk show like The Ellen DeGeneres Show, I could help people learn about the horrors that take place in puppy mills. If Rachel Ray would have me, I could bring Mother to share her yummy, cruelty-free recipes and explain why people shouldn’t buy that puppy in the pet shop window. I would also broadcast the pawmazing PSA “This is the Face of a Puppy Mill Dog” featuring model Kiley Wirtz-Jennings from Hope’s Angels and myself. Thousands of people watch these shows! If I could help educate only a handful of viewers, I would feel like I achieved something. If I could get more people to visit the Companion Animal Protection Society’s website and donate money so we can continue our very important work, I would feel even better. If I could inspire a family to switch to a vegetarian or vegan diet, I’d know I accomplished part of my goal by helping others lead a healthier lifestyle. Is that too much to ask for?

So Santa, this Christmas, when you walk by my beautiful pink ballerina tree and hand out gifts, I just want you to consider my request. I know my brother Spencer would love a new binky and Wylie would be ecstatic if he could go running outside more often- but my true Holiday wish is to make the world a better place by helping other dogs like me. Please help me become a celebrity!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

P.S. Something as easy as signing my online petition (Make Be a Celebrity) would help me achieve my goal!

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One Response to Bea’s Christmas Wish

  1. Bryn says:

    Hey Bea,you’ve already done a lot!

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