Breeder: Sandy and John Blake
Business name: SanJon Kennel
Address: 2560 US Hwy 65
City, State Zip: Louisburg, MO 65685
Year: 3015
USDA License: 43-B-3515
Date of CAPS Investigation: 2015-03-18

I arrived at the property of Sandy and John Blake at about 1600 on 3/18/15. A woman I met in the driveway identified herself as Sandy Blake (Caucasian female, about 55 years old, 5’6″, 185 lbs., with short white hair and glasses), and she talked to me about her business at the kennel. I also spoke briefly to a man who came out of the house on the property and identified himself as John Blake (Caucasian male, about 60 years old, 6’2″, 220 lbs, with short grey hair and glasses).

Statements by Sandy Blake contradicting pet store claims
Sandy told me that she brokers on her own. Because she brokers, I asked her if she still sells puppies through Hunte; she replied, “I am a Hunte.” This confession of being a commercial puppy broker contradicts the statement of Blue Ribbon Puppies (Manorville, NY) that they use foster families to raise their puppies.

I asked Sandy, “Do you have to deal with pet stores coming to your facility and wanting to do their own inspections and stuff?” Sandy shook her head to indicate no. I asked, “Never?” She shook her head again. She then added, “I have some stores that we have in this area that will come by, and I let them come by.” She explained she does not allow anyone to take pictures of her kennel, other than letting some stores take pictures from her driveway, which is about 300 feet from her kennel and does not give a full view of the facility. Sandy’s admission that only local stores have come by to look at her kennel, and her admission that she has “never” had other pet store owners inspect her facility, contradicts the statement by American Dog Club (?, NY) that they personally choose puppies from their breeders. It also contradicts the statement by Bob’s Tropical Pet Center (Ridgewood, NY) that they visit their breeders once a year, and the claim by Citipups (New York, NY) that they visit their breeders every three months.

I asked Sandy, “Do the stores have a thing where you have to skip a cycle?” She shook her head negatively in response. I responded, “No? Okay. So you don’t have to worry about that? You can breed every cycle.” She nodded her head to indicate that she didn’t have to worry about it and then claimed it was unhealthy to skip cycles for dogs. She specifically said, “You’re hurting the dog more by skipping a cycle.” She added, “I’m not skipping cycles.” These statements contradict the claim by Shake-A-Paw (Hicksville, NY) that their breeders only breed dogs every three years.

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