Animal House Pet Center
950 34th St N
St. Petersburg, FL 33713
(727) 328-0503

Date and time of CAPS investigation: 08/20/21; 1609

Approximate number of animals observed at time of investigation: about 12 rabbits, four guinea pigs, 50 parakeets, six parrots, 30 ducklings, 40 chicks, and dozens of reptiles, amphibians, and aquatic animals.

The store had numerous enclosures for a variety of small mammals, birds, amphibians, reptiles, and aquatic animals. Rabbits were houses together in some enclosures, and with guinea pigs in other enclosures. There were about 12 rabbits and four guinea pigs total, as well as about 50 parakeets, and half a dozen parrots of various species. There were two metal tubs on the ground on one side of the store, one containing about 30 ducklings, and the other containing about 40 chicks. Each had a heat lamp set over the animals.

I spoke to two employees, (African American male, about 20 years old, 5’6″, 140 lbs., with short curly black hair and a short beard visible under a mask, and Caucasian female, about 28 years old, 5’6″, 120 lbs., with long blonde hair). They told me they don’t know anything about the rabbit breeders or about where rabbits come from. Each told me there are two local breeders used by the store. The male employee said one of the breeders is named Harry, and the female employee told me a litter from each breeder comes in at a time, as opposed to multiple litters.

Breeder information obtained while visiting the store

Local rabbit breeder named Harry
Unknown local rabbit breeder

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