Angry letter against “BREEDER BASHING”


The following letter proves that CAPS is doing its job:


You AR whacko nut jobs make me sick to my stomach. How dare you try to take away my right to own dogs & cats. How dare you try to take away my right to show & breed dogs. My right to enjoy watching and maybe in the future competing in the Westminster Kennel club dog show. How dare take away my right to buy a well bred, quality pure bred AKC registered dog from health tested champion parents from a good breeder. You people are truly screwed up in the head. If I lived in Glendale that new ordinance would not make me adopt from a shelter or rescue, I’d just go to the next town or next county over and get one or go out of state to purchase my breed of choice from a good breeder. Most of the people who would buy from a pet store would never consider adopting from a shelter in the first place but you are too stupid to realize it. What is so wrong with a person wanting a purebred dog who’s parents they get to see & interact with, who’s back ground they know about via the pedigree & the breeder vs a dog they know nothing about. Who’s to say those mutts they adopted’s parents didn’t have some kind of genetic health problem or temperament issue, behavior issue that that dog could have inherited and you pawned them off to the bleeding hearts as a good pet. Then the dog goes home settles in and its true aggressive temperament comes out & it attacks the person’s kid. Why should I not have the right to go to a good breeder who shows, health tests before breeding, only produces 1-3 litters a year, only allows their girls to have 1 litter a year & only 3 litters in the bitch’s life time? You supporting that ban on the sale of pups out of the home doesn’t only affect the back yard breeders & Puppy millers but it also affects good responsible, reputable, ethical breeders as well. After all all good breeders do NOT sell to pet stores but sell out of their homes. How are those breeders supposed to find their pups homes if they are not allowed to sell them directly out of their homes? You would be running them out of breeding as well as they would have no choice but to either stop breeding or to move to a more breeder friendly county. Of course that’s what you people want, you want all breeding of dogs & cats to cease & want all dogs & cats spayed & neutered out of existence. You cream your jeans at thought of AKC’ no longer being in existence. You cherish the thought of no more dog shows. You love the thought of pets being a thing of the past. You love the thought of my grand children being denied the privilege of having a dog of their own. You cherish the idea that all my grand children will have is stories of dogs & cats, where they will see shows like Lassie, Rin Tin Tin & wonder what it was like in the days that every boy had a dog to play with. I despise you for that, I despise you for you trying to dictate where I should get my dog from. I believe I’m capable of making that choice myself. I’m smart enough to know not to buy from a puppy miller, I know the questions to ask & what to look for, I don’t need you telling me or trying to get laws in acted to force me to get a dog from a shelter if I don’t want to. There are lots of reasons a person would opt to buy instead of adopt. First of all you can’t show a shelter dog, second they want a dog for a certain task such as hunting, if I want a rabbit dog then I’m gonna get a dog of a breed I know has a reputation of being good rabbit dogs aka Beagles and I’m gonna want one that was specifically bred & trained for that purpose not some mutt. If I want a protection dog then I’m gonna get a breed that I know has a history & reputation of being a good protection dog aka a Doberman, Rottie, German Shepherd, and I’m gonna choose to buy from someone who specifically breeds them for that purpose & proves it with Schutzhund titles not some shelter mutt. Myself I already own two mutts, my Dachshund X Scottie Buffy who I saved from going to the shelter when she was 5wks old, YES she is spayed & my German Shepherd mix Hobo who was dumped & abandoned near my street by his owner, made his way to my home & set up residence, then captured my heart so I took him in as my own, and took him got his shots, heartworm meds (yes he was heartworm positive & had him neutered, my next dog however will be a show bred AKC registered show potential miniature longhaired Dachshund & will be purchased from a good breeder. Who do you think you are to tell me I can’t do so or condemn me for doing so. What you should be doing along with promoting shelters & rescues is promoting good responsible breeders as well. You should be educating people on what to look for, what questions to ask, what should throw up red flags to them if they insist of buying from a breeder so that they can ensure they are buying from a good breeder. Why should good breeders be harmed just because of a few bad seeds, its not right and you know it. More and more people are awakening to you AR whacko nut job, HSUS loving PETAPHILES and your true agenda of no more pets, no more eating meat, no more fishing, no more hunting, no more dog shows, no more cat shows, no more horse races, no more zoos, no more circuses, no more breeding, no more horse shows, no more animal shows of any kind, no more movies portraying animals & we will continue to fight & will continue waking up others. Yes puppy mills are a problem & should be stopped but good breeders need not be hurt in the process. We also know of your pet over population lies & how lots of shelters actually have an under population and are importing dogs from other countries to fill their shelters, how they are stealing innocent breeders’ dogs & screaming puppy mill & spouting lies about those breeders to justify the theft of said dogs just to keep their shelters’ doors open. We know that true puppy mills are very few & far between & this “Puppy Mill” witch hunt needs to end and end it we will. We hear the stories day in and day out about good breeders who were victimized by you people & the lies you tell to justify your actions. STOP THE VICTIMIZATION OF GOOD BREEDERS, STOP THE BREEDER BASHING. We are breeders NOT criminals!


Patricia Moore

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