Breeder: Amos Allgyer
Address: 19991 W Mound Rd
City, State, Zip: Platteville, WI 53818
USDA License: unknown
Date of CAPS Investigation: 7/14/18
Time of CAPS Investigation: 14:57

Weather at time of investigation: 82°F and mostly cloudy

Approximate number of dogs observed at time of investigation: about nine dogs and 26 puppies

Breeds: Huskies, Pomskies, Goldendoodles

Allgyer’s kennel was in an indoor facility, with no outdoor portion of the kennel. There were about 10 dog runs on one side of the building, and three dog pens on another. The runs were about four feet wide and 20’ long, and the pens were about four feet wide and long. All of them had wire walls with part or all of the walls between runs with solid sheets on them. Concrete floorings were partially covered with wooden shavings. Runs held either puppies, whelping mothers and puppies, or two breeding dogs. No artificial lighting was in the building, but windows allowed enough sun light to see the area clearly.

Amos Allgyer (Caucasian, Amish male, about 35 years old, 6’4”, 190 lbs, with short black hair and a beard about eight inches long but no moustache) told me that he sells his puppies to J.A.K.’s Puppies, as well as out the door directly to customers. He told me that a litter of Husky puppies in a pen was going to Massachusetts, New York, and Florida. He said he sells to The Puppy Place in MA, which is partnered with another store in MA called The Dog House* and to a MA store called CT Breeder.* He said that he sold one puppy to Laughlin Kennel in MA, but they have ordered no puppies from him since.

I asked Allgyer if he ever skips breeding cycles for his dogs, and he responded that he’s never been asked to. He said his dogs are normally in heat four months after having a litter. When I asked how old his dogs can breed until, he told me about how he had a dog he was breeding at eight years old, which upset a customer who bought the puppy from a pet store and then later discovered the breeding mother’s age. Allgyer said he spoke to the customer on the phone, who was offended Allgyer would breed a dog so old, and the customer then demanded his money back from the pet store.

He also said that he wants help to advertise his puppies on websites the stores use to look for puppies. He said he wants to advertise on, but that stores prefer the Pet Exchange website.

*The Dog House is in Manchester, CT; The Dog House II, which was in Attleboro, MA, was shut down by the state. Richard and Chris Carty own The Puppy Place in Springfield, MA and The Dog House (they also owned The Dog House II). CT breeder is a pet shop in Norwalk, CT.

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